Close up of the Oarfish's encyclopedia entry in DREDGE.

DREDGE: Where to Find All Exotic Fish

Explore to uncover the most Exotic Fish in DREDGE!

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Key Takeaway

First, you’ll need fishing rods that can catch fish in Mangrove, Abyssal, and Hadal areas. Next, you’ll need Pack Explosives to reach two out of the four Exotic Fish. After that, you can seek out every Exotic Fish.

  1. The Gulper Eel is found in Stellar Basin—near the Research Outpost (coordinates: 4F)
  2. The Oarfish is found in Gale Cliffs—behind the waterfall (coordinates 3P)
  3. The Goliath Tigerfish is found in Twisted Strand—south of the area behind a barrier (coordinates 12E)
  4. The Coelacanth is found in Devil’s Spine—northeast of Charred Pontoon behind a barrier (coordinates 12Q)

In DREDGE, you need to look far and wide to find all the Exotic Fish. On top of that, you’ll need the right equipment! Once you’re geared up properly, you must travel to the four corners of the map.

Table Of Contents

    DREDGE – Where to Find All Exotic Fish Video Guide

    The hardest part about finding the four Exotic Fish is determining their locations. Use our video guide above to help you if you need visual references. Happy fishing!

    Why You Want to Find the Exotic Fish

    You want to catch the Exotic Fish because it lets you complete the Recording Rarities pursuit. Every time you catch one of the four Exotic Fish, you get two Research Parts—which you can use to unlock better equipment. Talk to the Traveling Merchant at any of their pontoons to start this pursuit as well as to collect your rewards.

    What You Need to Catch the Exotic Fish

    Two of the Exotic Fish (the Oarfish and the Coelacanth) can only be caught with an Abyssal fishing rod. Next, you must use a Hadal fishing rod to catch the Gulper Eel. Lastly, to catch the Goliath Tigerfish, you need a Mangrove fishing rod. The last of these is easy to research and buy, however, to get a fishing rod capable of fishing in Abyssal and Hadal zones, you need to first do a specific pursuit.

    Besides the right rods, you need to unlock Packed Explosives, as two out of the four Exotic Fish are hiding behind barriers. Packed Explosives are the only way to get through these obstacles.

    Getting an Abyssal and Hadal Fishing Rod (00:48 in the Video Guide)

    Start by heading to Stellar Basin. Once you’re there, go to the Old Fortress located at coordinates 5D. Here, you’ll meet the Researcher, who will task you with collecting specific fish species. In the process of this pursuit, the Researcher gives you an Abyssal fishing rod.

    Once you have it, you can research and buy a fishing rod capable of fishing in both the Abyssal and Hadal zones. Also, keep in mind that you’ll need to upgrade your ship at least once to equip the fishing rod that can fish in both Abyssal and Hadal zones (the Bottomless Lines fishing rod).

    A player equipping a fishing rod capable of fishing in the Abyssal and Hadal zones in DREDGE.

    Getting Packed Explosives (o3:50 in the Video Guide)

    Obtaining Packed Explosives is pretty straightforward. You must head to Gale Cliffs and talk to the Hermit at the Ruins (coordinates 4N). This begins a pursuit that ends in you reuniting the Hermit with his brother: the Retired Whaler in Ingfell.

    The Retired Whaler selling the player Packed Explosives in DREDGE.

    After you complete this pursuit, the Retired Whaler gives you one Packed Explosive for free. Also, you can buy more from him if you need. On top of that, the Traveling Merchant begins selling Packed Explosives as well, so you don’t need to head back to Gale Cliffs to get more.

    Where to Find the Gulper Eel (01:26 in the Video Guide)

    The player catching the Gulper Eel (one of the Exotic Fish) in DREDGE.

    Now that you’ve got the right equipment, head to the Starlight Pontoon in Stellar Basin (coordinates 2E). From there, go east until you’re close to the Research Outpost. The Gulper Eel’s spawn location is slightly west of the Researcher Outpost: at coordinates 4F. After you catch it, head back to the Traveling Merchant and talk to her to collect your two Research Parts.

    Where to Find the Oarfish (02:09 in the Video Guide)

    The player catching the Oarfish (one of the Exotic Fish) in DREDGE.

    The Oarfish is hidden pretty well, but it won’t escape your grasp for long! Head to the Dusty Pontoon in Gale Cliffs to begin this leg of your maritime journey. If you have Packed Explosives, you can cut a path southeast through a couple of rocky barriers to make a shortcut. Alternatively, you can sail around to the south end of Gale Cliffs to avoid the sea serpent that lurks within the rocky crags of this area.

    Whichever path you choose, make your way to coordinates 3P. Here, you’ll find a waterfall in a small bay. Go through the waterfall and you’ll encounter the Oarfish swimming around in its comfy cave. Catch it and return to the Traveling Merchant for two more valuable Research Parts.

    Where to Find the Goliath Tigerfish (o4:45 in the Video Guide)

    The player catching the Goliath Tigerfish (one of the Exotic Fish) in DREDGE.

    Go to Rickety Pontoon (coordinates 13G) and sail southwest until you reach coordinates 11E. When you look north here, you’ll see an entrance into the south of Twisted Strand’s overgrown maze. Don’t worry, as you won’t need to go very far into this dangerous and confusing area.

    As you go north, follow the western bank around the corner and you’ll encounter a fallen tree. Use a Packed Explosive to clear it out of the way. Just beyond is the spawn point for the Goliath Tigerfish (coordinates 12E). After capturing this fierce fish, return to the Traveling Merchant for two more Research Parts.

    Where to Find the Coelacanth (06:46 in the Video Guide)

    The player catching the Coelacanth (one of the Exotic Fish) in DREDGE.

    The last up is the Coelacanth! Make your way to the Charred Pontoon at coordinates 12P to begin. Now, sail to the eastern side of Devil’s Spine’s southernmost island. At the northwestern corner of coordinates 12Q, you’ll find another rocky barrier. Blast it out of your way with a Packed Explosive and your prey will become visible.

    Reel in the Coelacanth with an Abyssal fishing rod and that’s it! You’ve caught all of the Exotic Fish in DREDGE. Treat yourself to some Stargazy Pie—you’ve earned it! Go back to the Traveling Merchant one last time to collect your final two Research Parts.