Elden Ring: How to Beat Starscourge Radahn

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If you plan on hunting down every demi-god in Elden Ring, you’ll have to face Starscourge Radahn in Caelid. This boss resides in the Wailing Dunes north of Redmane Castle. When the battle begins, be prepared for ground-shaking attacks.

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    Where to Find Starscourge Radahn

    The player touching a teleporter facing the north while they stand on a beach at night.

    In the area at the top of Redmane Castle with all the NPCs, it can be a bit confusing to find the entrance to the boss room. There’s a big golden fog gate that appears after you talk to the NPC on the raised area, however, you actually need to go in the opposite direction.

    There’s a chapel in the north of this area that you must pass through to find a lift. This lift will bring you down to a small stretch of beach. On these pale sands, you’ll find only a Stake of Marika and a teleporter. The latter is facing the wasteland that lies to the north across a short channel.

    This is your last chance to prepare, so check your loadout and then examine the teleporter. The moment you reach your destination, the boss battle will begin—and with a ferocious attack from the Starscourge.

    Starscourge Radahn’s Weaknesses

    The player attacking Radahn with a hammer.

    Firstly, Starscourge Radahn seems to take full damage from weapons that deal pierce-type damage. As such, weapons that deal this type of damage are great to get a baseline for what other damage types can do against this boss.

    The Best Damage Types to Use Against Starscourge Radahn

    Weapons that deal physical damage of any type are the best to use against Radahn. He takes full damage from piercing weapons and 10% less damage from all other physical sources (standard, slash, and strike respectively). This demi-god is not particularly weak to any damage types, so spears, bows, and other piercing weapons are the best choice in terms of damage potential.

    The Worst Damage Types to Use Against Starscourge Radahn

    Magic, fire, and lighting seem to be moderately effective against this boss as he takes about 20% less damage from these sources. Furthermore, Radahn appears to take 40% less damage from holy weapons, so avoid using these against him.

    About Starscourge Radahn’s Resistances

    Like all main bosses, the death status effect will not work on Radahn, so don’t even bother. Similarly, the sleep status doesn’t seem to affect the boss much besides slightly staggering him.

    Although his resistance to poison, bleed, and frost is positive, they aren’t super high. As such, these status effects can potentially be used against him if you can cause enough build-up in a short timeframe.

    Easily the status effect Radahn is most easily susceptible to is scarlet rot. This makes sense since this boss has been ravaged by this disease for a long time. Applying this same ailment to him will help you destroy this demi-god from the inside.

    Starscourge Radahn’s Attacks in Phase 1

    The player approaching Starscourge Radahn from behind with riding a steed.

    Depending on your build, you’ll see different attacks more often. For ranged builds, you’ll have to deal with Radahn’s greatbow attacks frequently. Alternatively, if you’re a melee build, you’ll have to fend off Radahn’s dual greatswords.

    Magic Greatarrow (00:18 in the Video)

    The player on horseback just barely dodging a beam of purple energy, which is a magic greatarrow fired by Starscourge Radahn.

    Since you will always start the fight far away from Radahn, you’ll need to deal with some of his ranged attacks while you approach him. That is unless you’re a sniper build and plan to have an archery competition with this boss.

    Starscourge Radahn will sometimes fire magical greatarrows at you, which are both fast and strong. However, you can dodge them fairly easily if you are riding Torrent. When you see Radahn glowing with purple energy, begin riding to the left or right.

    Although this demi-god has pretty good aim, you should be able to avoid the shot if Torrent is galloping at full speed. If you’re on foot, you can dodge this attack with a well-timed roll to either the right or left, albeit with some difficulty due to the projectile’s high velocity.

    It is also worth mentioning that, somehow, the rusty weapons sticking out of the ground can fully block this attack (00:11 in the video). This can come in handy, however, there aren’t many piles of weapons tall enough to help. As such, don’t rely on objects to aid you much in this fight.

    Greatarrow Rain (00:22 in the Video)

    The boss causing many greatarrows to continuously hit the ground and follow the player.

    Veterans of FromSoftware games will be familiar with this annoying type of attack. Radahn will, somehow, launch hundreds of greatarrows into the air, which will then rain down in a linear path. However, this rain can follow you over the course of 11 full seconds.

    The duration of this attack is the worst part of it, as the damage per greatarrow is actually quite low. This is a pretty big contrast to the variant of this attack used by a certain Dark Souls 3 boss.

    To avoid this attack, just keep moving. The homing of the greatarrows is excellent, but it is pretty easy to outrun. If you’re riding Torrent, you can ride around this attack with few issues. In this regard, you can prepare for Radahn’s next attack—just don’t forget that the arrow rain is following you.

    Multi-Shot (00:25 in the Video)

    Starscourge Radahn firing multiple arrows at the player at once.

    If you’re riding or running straight at Radahn from the front, he’ll sometimes shoot multiple greatarrows at you in a wide spray. This move feels more like getting blasted by a shotgun than shot with arrows because of how many projectiles there are.

    Thankfully, this attack doesn’t do very much damage, although it can stagger you a fair bit. As such, don’t try to block this unless you have a greatshield and a lot of stamina. To avoid this assault, ride or dodge to the left or right when you see Radahn drawing back the string of his greatbow.

    It will be more difficult to dodge this attack if you are just about to enter Radahn’s melee range. If you’re a melee build, you’ll probably have to tank through at least one of these attacks as you get within striking distance.

    If you’re a ranged build, don’t stay close enough to Radahn for him to use this attack. The boss can use this move pretty quickly, which can make casting spells or firing arrows risky.

    Sideway Slash (00:33 in the Video)

    Starscourge Radahn slashing to the side of his steed with a curved greatsword.

    If you are at either of Radahn’s flanks, he may stomp and swing one of his massive curved greatswords beside himself in a sudden slash. Due to the boss’ arms being above your camera if you are this close, it can be hard to see this attack coming.

    For this reason, you don’t want to stay to Radahn’s immediate right or left for too long. If you insist on attacking him from his flanks, you’d better use hit and run tactics. Since Radahn only uses this move if you are flanking him, you can avoid these sideways attacks by being anywhere else.

    Riding Slash (00:36 in the Video)

    Starscourge Radahn leaning over in his seat to swing his greatsword at the player as he rides past.

    In a similar move, Radahn will try to slash at you while riding his small steed. The boss will most often perform this attack while you are to the right or left while also being in front of him. The demi-god will gallop around you while leaning over in his seat and slashing at the ground around you.

    This assault can be avoided if you stay on the move, although it’s fast and hard to see coming. If you are approaching Radahn after dodging one of his previous attacks, he may whip this out as you get closer. It’s moves like this that make dodging instinctively every few seconds a good tactic for this fight.

    Greatsword Slam (00:38 in the Video)

    Starscourge Radahn trying to hit the player with a vertical chop from one of his greatswords.

    If you are in front or to the sides of Radahn, he’ll sometimes try to hit you with a vertical slam from one of his greatswords. The wind-up for this attack is thankfully easier to see coming than many of his other attacks.

    When you see the boss raise one of his arms over his head, dodge to the left or right. This should allow you to avoid the heavy cleave from one of the Starscourge’s blades.

    Double Greatsword Sweep (00:40 in the Video)

    Starscourge Radahn sweeping the area in front of himself with both of his huge swords.

    When you’re in front of Radahn, he may unleash a couple of sweeping strikes with his curved greatswords. Although there is a short delay between the times each sword swings, this does not make the attack easier to dodge.

    On horseback, your best bet is to do a double jump when you see Radahn lift one of his arms to his side. However, the telegraphing for this attack is pretty subtle, so you’ll need good reflexes to dodge it.

    If you’re on foot, you’ll have to dodge roll twice in order to avoid both swords. The delay between the sweeps is just long enough for you to initiate another dodge after coming out of the first one. As such, spam-rolling through this attack can be an effective counter.

    Greatsword Combo (00:44 in the Video)

    Starscourge Radahn holding his swords above his head.

    Another attack that Radahn will use if you are in front of him is a deadly combo. When you see the boss hold both of his greatswords up in the air, you’ll have just over one second to prepare. After winding up, the Starscourge will unleash seven powerful slashes from his dual greatswords. Throughout this move, Radahn will reposition and try to follow you.

    However, this seems to be a chasing maneuver to mow down those in front of the boss. If you are at the boss’ ankles, you’re almost totally safe from this attack. You’re so safe here, in fact, that you can heal, buff, or attack Radahn’s legs with near impunity.

    Turning Chop (00:51 in the Video)

    Starscourge Radahn slamming both of his greatswords in front of himself in a chopping motion.

    At any point in the fight when you are close to Radahn, he can turn and press both of his blades fiercely into the ground. This chopping attack is fairly quick and hard to avoid.

    To dodge this one, you’ll have to roll or sprint away before impact. Just before this attack, Radahn will raise both of his curved greatswords above his head. Although, this can be hard to see if you are in melee range of the boss.

    Magic Ground Slash (00:58 in the Video)

    Starscourge Radahn unleashing magic energy at the ground in front of him as the player approaches from behind.

    If you are in front of Radahn, he may clang his swords together before plunging them both in the ground before himself. However, this is not the end of the attack. While his greatswords are embedded into the earth, the boss will charge up magical energy and then pull his swords out of the red sand with violent force.

    This attack can deal a great amount of damage if any part of it hits you, however, it also provides an excellent window for counterattacks. When you see the demi-god clang his swords together, dodge to the right or left and try to get behind him. You’re totally safe from this attack while you are not directly in front of Radahn.

    After Radahn has plunged his blades into the ground, you’ll have about two full seconds to deliver some attacks into Radahn’s rear before he attacks again.

    Magic Burst (01:02 in the Video)

    Starscourge Radahn charging some magic energy before letting out a small shockwave.

    This next attack looks a lot like a magic ground slash, however, this magic burst move has an area of effect. After a moment of charging, Radahn will let out a small shockwave of magical energy.

    Although this move can hit you from any angle if you are in melee range, it doesn’t do much damage. If you have high enough poise, it may not even interrupt your attacks. You can see this attack coming by noting if Radahn is glowing. The boss will begin to produce bright purple light about a second before letting out this small shockwave. To avoid this move, roll or sprint away from the demi-god when you see him begin to glow.

    It is also worth mentioning that this attack only gets used when Radahn drops below 75% HP. This move will also buff his greatswords and coat them in jagged rocks.

    Magic Ground Slam (01:06 in the Video)

    Starscourge Radahn slamming the ground in front of himself with purple magic while the player approaches from behind.

    When you’re in front of Radahn, he may try to hit you with this huge attack. He will hold his greatswords in the air to charge magical energy for about a second. Afterward, he’ll bring his glowing blades down in front of himself to cause a ground-shaking purple explosion.

    Although impressive and deadly, this attack can be avoided by getting behind Radahn. When you see a glow coming from his blades above him, sprint or roll around the demi-god. If you’re quick, you’ll get out of striking range with plenty of time. While behind Radahn, be sure to land a few attacks while the boss misses his strike.

    Jump Attack (01:27 in the Video)

    Starscourge Radahn jumping into the air to attack the player from above.

    One of the heavier moves Radahn will use if you are in front of him is a jump attack. It will be easy to see this one coming, as the boss will noticeably leap into the air before bringing his melee weapons down in a powerful slam. After the slam, Radahn will sweep one of his swords towards you.

    When you see Radahn jump, you should roll or sprint towards him. If you get around his ankles, you’ll be able to avoid damage. Furthermore, this can put you in a decent position to land a quick attack or two.

    Starscourge Radahn’s Attacks in Phase 2

    Starscourge Radahn charging energy and about to leap into the sky to begin phase 2 of the fight.

    When Starscourge Radahn drops below 50% HP, he will charge up purple energy and then leap very high into the air. You won’t be able to visually track him at this point, but, fear not, as the boss will return shortly.

    After a few seconds, you’ll see the area around you begin to glow bright orange. This is Radahn descending back to the ground like a meteor. When you see that orange glow, hop onto Torrent and gallop in any direction. This will allow you to dodge Radahn’s meteor-like re-entry onto the battlefield.

    When this happens, it marks the beginning of Phase 2. This is when this demi-god will start unleashing his most powerful attacks yet. Furthermore, Radahn will also use many of his attacks from Phase 1, so stay on your toes.

    Jumping Double Slash (01:51 in the Video)

    Starscourge Radahn charging at the player with both swords raised.

    Radahn, with his increased mobility in Phase 2, will move around a lot. This attack will involve him taking advantage of this. Radahn will howl and then charge at you from a distance with both of his greatswords raised. However, upon getting close, he’ll leap into the air and then slam the ground. This will send out a purple shockwave of magic with a lot of range.

    If you keep moving, Radahn won’t be able to home in on you properly. Even riding Torrent at a moderate pace in any direction will be enough to avoid the worst of this attack. However, the shockwave sent out can only be dodged by jumping. Although, if you are riding Torrent and don’t jump, only your steed will take damage from the shockwave.

    Purple Orb Summon (02:00 in the Video)

    Starscourge Radahn summoning four purple rocks that hover around him.

    In an attack that initially looks like a melee combo, Radahn will actually summon some projectiles. The demi-god will perform two chopping attacks at the ground in front of himself before pulling his blades up amidst an aura of purple energy. This will bring four glowing rocks out of the ground that will begin to hover around Radahn.

    If you avoid Radahn’s front while he does his chopping moves, you’ll be safe from damage. The glowing effects of the orb-summoning look dangerous, but actually don’t do damage. As such, you can use the delay after the two chops to get behind Radahn and land a few hits.

    Phase 2 Greatsword Combo (02:07 in the Video)

    Starscourge Radahn winding up before unleashing a series of sword attacks.

    This variant of the melee combo from Phase 1 will only have five strikes, but they will be faster. Radahn will face you before holding his greatswords up in the air to wind up for his attack. The first three slashes will be from a stationary position. However, during the fourth and the fifth, Radahn will move forward rapidly and in two different directions.

    The almost janky movements of the last two strikes can make this assault very tricky to dodge for ranged builds, however, continuously dodging or sprinting on Torrent can let you evade them.

    Although, melee builds won’t have too much of an issue with this one. If you continuously circle around Radahn as he unleashes his slashes, he’ll almost never be able to track you. Alternatively, you can sprint in any direction away from the boss during this attack and he shouldn’t be able to home in on you.

    Rampage (02:27 in the Video)

    Starscourge Radahn pushing his steed into the ground with one of his legs.

    If you are in front of Radahn and at mid-range, he may go on a rampage. The sign that this is about to happen is when the boss pushes his steed into the ground with one of his legs. Afterward, the Starscourge will crawl at you on his knees to deliver six slams followed by two upward slashes.

    During the first two strikes, you’re actually the safest if you’re right up in Radahn’s face. This seems to be a chasing attack, so the boss will be aiming further in front of himself than usual. Right before the third strike, Radahn will raise his body up a bit, which will be enough for you to roll through his legs and get behind him.

    At this point, if you roll between his legs, you will be completely safe from the following four greatsword slams. While Radahn is pounding the sand in front of himself, you can use this time to heal or land a couple of hits. However, don’t get greedy, as the two upward slashes that end this combo have great tracking.

    Immediately after the sixth slam, Radahn will pivot to face you wherever you are and will rise in a twisting motion. This causes Radahn to sweep the area around himself with his two greatswords and once. To avoid the upward slashes, roll twice to get away from Radahn just after the sixth slam.

    Orb Attack (02:43 in the Video)

    Starscourge Radahn shooting his four orb summons at the player.

    At any time Radahn has his orbs summoned, he can use them during his jumping double slash attack. This will involve Radahn jumping and slashing at you with his swords while the four floating orbs flank you and attack from both sides.

    This three-pronged attack can be difficult to dodge on either horseback or on foot. However, rolling or sprinting towards Radahn and getting under him can let you dodge this assault. As the boss is moving forward in the air, as are his projectiles, you can evade them all by not being in front of the boss.

    After Radahn uses his orbs in such an attack, they will disappear. The boss can summon them again, though not very often.

    Corkscrew Attack (02:50 in the Video)

    Starscourge Radahn flying through the air while spinning and emitting purple energy.

    With a howl, Radahn will on occasion rise up into the air coated in purple magic. Shortly after ascending, the demi-god will divebomb you with two corkscrew attacks. These will be fast and powerful.

    Although the visual effects will make it hard to see what’s happening during the possible times of impact, this move has a sensible dodging window. The moment you see Radahn begin accelerating before each of his divebombs, dodge to either the right or left.

    Seven Orb Strike (03:20 in the Video)

    Starscourge Radahn summoning 7 orbs for an attack.

    Sometimes, when Radahn does his jumping double slash in Phase 2, he will summon seven purple orbs. However, these projectiles get used immediately. As Radahn charges and leaps into the air, all seven orbs will launch forward quickly.

    While the orbs can sting quite a bit, Radahn’s greatswords will definitely deal more damage. As such, tanking through the orbs to move forward and get under Radahn can let you avoid most of the damage from this attack.

    The Rewards for Beating Starscourge Radahn

    Victory screen shown after beating Starscourge Radahn with the items the player gets.

    Following Radahn’s defeat by your hands, you’ll get a bunch of great drops—including a ton of Runes:

    • 70,000 Runes
    • Radahn’s Great Rune
    • The Remembrance of the Starscourge

    About Radahn’s Great Rune

    Like other Great Runes, Radahn’s Great Rune will not be useable until you activate it. To do so, you’ll need to visit the Divine Tower of Caelid, which is located in the north of this region.

    However, after you activate it at the Divine Tower and power it up by consuming a Rune Arc, you’ll get an excellent buff. Radahn’s Great Rune will increase your maximum HP, FP, and stamina by 15%. As such, it can be universally useful for many builds—particularly more offensive ones.

    About the Remembrance of the Starscourge

    As a consumable item, you can use the Remembrance of the Stascourge to instantly gain 40,000 Runes. However, the other uses are much more interesting. If you bring this Remembrance to Enia at the Roundtable Hold, she can turn it into either the Starscourge Greatsword or the Lion Greatbow—both of which are weapons used by Radahn himself.

    The Starscourge Greatsword is a colossal weapon that requires 38 Strength, 15 Intelligence, and 12 Dexterity to be wielded properly. Its base weapon scaling echoes its attribute requirements with this blade initially having D-tier with Strength and Dexterity along with E-tier for Intelligence. As for the damage stats, the Starscourge Greatsword has 129 physical attack power (standard-type damage) and 83 magic attack power. Its unique skill, Starcaller Cry, which costs 20 FP, will let you pull enemies towards you with strong gravity before slamming them with a charged greatsword.

    The Lion Greatbow is a greatbow that you’ll need 22 Strength and 18 Dexterity to use. Unupgraded, its scaling is D-tier with both Strength and Dexterity. This mighty weapon has 120 physical attack power and 50 range—solid stats for a greatbow. Furthermore, its weapon skill, which costs 25 FP, lets you use a cool attack. Radahn’s Rain allows you to unleash a literal rain of arrows just like the boss does in your fight against him.