The Tarnished standing on the invisible bridge that leads to the Heretical Rise in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring: How to Cross the Invisible Bridge at Heretical Rise

Take a leap of faith and be rewarded for your fearlessness.

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Key Takeaway

You can use Rainbow Stones, arrows, or the Hoarfrost Stomp Ash of War to make crossing the invisible bridge to Heretical Rise much easier.

The Heretical Rise is one of the more complicated towers to get into in Elden Ring. This is mainly because you’ll have to cross an invisible bridge to do so. There are, however, ways to make crossing the bridge easier.

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    The Invisible Bridge’s Starting Point

    To get into Heretical Rise, you’ll need to find the starting point of the invisible bridge. Here’s an image showing the exact point on the map.

    The starting point of the invisible bridge that leads to Heretical Rise shown on the map.

    To get here, start from the Freezing Lake Site of Grace. Face east and move forward while sticking close to the cliff to the left. As soon as you can jump onto the elevated ground to your left, jump onto it. Face west and proceed to head to the starting point of the bridge, as marked on the map above.

    Crossing the Invisible Bridge

    The clue in the Heretical Rise puzzle states, “Falling snow marks something unseen.” This can help you a lot in determining whether you’re still standing on the invisible bridge or you’re already about to step off of it.

    From the starting point, look carefully ahead and you’ll see the snowfall on the invisible bridge. This lets you know exactly where the bridge is.

    Icy mist indicating the presence of the invisible bridge that leads to Heretical Rise.

    The snow landing on the invisible bridge can be tricky to find. If you’re having trouble spotting it, there are three other techniques that you can use to find the bridge’s path much more easily.

    Use Rainbow Stones

    Using Rainbow Stones on the Heretical Rise invisible bridge.

    The first one is the use of Rainbow Stones.

    As you’re walking forward, drop Rainbow Stones to make sure that the path ahead is safe.

    Use Arrows

    Using arrows on the Heretical Rise invisible bridge.

    The second option is to use arrows. Aim your bow to the ground and fire arrows. The arrow will stick to the invisible bridge, assuring you of its position.

    Use Hoarfrost Stomp

    Using Hoarfrost Stomp on the Heretical Rise invisible bridge.

    The third option is to use the Hoarfrost Stomp Ash of War. While crossing the bridge, occasionally perform the Ash of War and the ice trail created by it will trace the path of the invisible bridge, showing you where to step and when to turn.

    Crossing the first half of the bridge is easy as it runs in a straight line. However, to reach and enter the tower, you’ll need to walk on a curved, ascending, invisible path that forks away from the linear path.

    From the starting point, slowly and carefully walk forward. Pay attention to the icy mist below you and use any of the three techniques mentioned above.

    Once you’re more than halfway through the tower, start paying attention to your left. You’ll notice that the ice mists are also appearing, forming a curved path. This is the path you’ll need to take to enter the tower.

    The curved invisible path that leads to Heretical Rise in Elden Ring.

    Once again, pay attention to the mist and use any of the three techniques mentioned previously. You’ll reach the top of the tower in just a few more steps.

    What’s Inside the Heretical Rise Tower?

    Once you finally cross the invisible bridge and reach the top of Heretical Rise, the seal below will be broken. You won’t really need that, though, since you’re already in the tower. Unless you die here before grabbing the loot. If that’s the case, you won’t need to cross the invisible bridge anymore.

    Upon entering the tower, two Avionette Soldiers will immediately attack you. Deal with them as soon as possible. Once defeated, take the stairs that go up to your left, which leads to a lift. Proceed onwards from here to get the reward for making it up here.

    Crossing the invisible bridge and solving the Heretical Rise puzzle rewards you with the Founding Rain of Stars. This is a legendary sorcery and is one of the best spells you can use as an Intelligence or Mage build.