The Legendary Sorceries and Incantations of Elden Ring.

Elden Ring: Where to Find All Legendary Sorceries and Incantations

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There are seven Legendary Sorceries and Incantations in Elden RingCollect them all and receive an achievement or trophy. By the end of this, you’ll have acquired some of the game’s most powerful magic spells, becoming an extremely powerful mage.

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    Flame of the Fell God

    The location of Malefactor's Evergaol in Elden Ring.

    You’ll receive the Flame of the Fell God incantation after you defeat Adan, Thief of Fire. This enemy is inside the Malefactor’s Evergaol in southern Liurnia.

    Greyoll’s Roar

    The location of the Cathedral of Dragon Commuion in Caelid.

    You can purchase Greyoll’s Roar at the Cathedral of Dragon Communion on Caelid. It requires three Dragon Hearts and you can only buy it after you kill Greyoll.

    This massive dragon won’t actually fight back, but there are five small dragons around him that will fight for him. However, if you stay behind Greyoll the whole time, you’ll be able to kill him without having to deal with the other dragons.

    Killing Greyoll early on is also a very good one-time rune acquisition at the start of the game since he drops 50,000 Runes. You can find him beside Fort Faroth in Dragonbarrow, Caelid.

    Comet Azur

    The location of Comet Azur in Elden Ring.

    The Comet Azur Sorcery is one of the game’s most powerful spells. It’s so powerful, in fact, that it is more than capable of killing bosses in just mere seconds.

    You can pick this spell up by heading to Primeval Sorcerer Azur’s location in Mt. Gelmir. He’ll be sitting at a chair in one corner behind Demi-Human Queen Maggie. Speak with Sorcerer Azur and he’ll simply give you the spell.

    If you’re having a hard time reaching this location, start from the Seethewater Terminus Site of Grace and head east. Go beyond the magma pool and continue down the path until you’ve circled the western half of Mt. Gelmir. You’ll eventually pass through Hermit’s Shack. Keep going from here and you’ll later arrive at Azur’s position.

    Stars of Ruin

    The location of Sellia Hideaway in Elden Ring.

    You’ll find the Stars of Ruin Sorcery by doing Sorceress Sellen’s questline. Sellen’s questline will advance after you obtain enough sorceries as well as after obtaining Comet Azur.

    Speak to her in Waypoint Ruins and she’ll ask you to search for Master Lusat. She’ll then give you a Sellian Sealbreaker. You’ll be using this later on.

    Travel to Caelid and head to Sellia Hideaway. If you haven’t been to this location yet, refer to the image below for its location on the map.

    Upon arriving here, you’ll find a massive boulder instead of a cave opening. Simply hit the boulder here to dispel the illusion and the path will be revealed.

    This place has a lot of illusory walls. Most of them will be obvious. If you tread an obvious path that’s seemingly blocked by a wall, hit that wall and a path will highly likely open up to you.

    You’ll eventually reach a tall cavern with a lot of crystals sticking out from the walls. Once you spot this area, continue to the right until you reach the edge of the chasm. Drop down here and you’ll find a lone sorcerer at the bottom.

    Defeat the sorcerer. You’ll find a sealed entrance behind him. The Sellian Sealbreaker will dispel this entrance. Head inside and you’ll find Master Lusat. Interact with him once to receive the Stars of Rain.

    Elden Stars

    The location of Elden Stars in Elden Ring.

    You’ll find the Elden Stars spell in Deeproot Depths. You’ll need to walk on the massive roots west of the Great Waterfall Crest Site of Grace until you reach a cave entrance here.

    You’ll come across an army of ants in this cave. You can simply run past them to reach the end of this cave to find the Elden Stars.

    Ranni’s Dark Moon

    The location of Chelona's Rise in Elden Ring.

    The Ranni’s Dark Moon sorcery is in a chest at the top of Chelona’s Rise. This tower’s location can only be accessed after you defeat Astel, Naturalborn of the Void while going through Ranni’s questline.

    You’ll first need to solve a puzzle to unlock the tower’s entrance. After interacting with the Imp Statue before the tower, three spectral massive turtles will spawn around the plateau. Here are the locations of all three turtles.

    The location of the three wise turtles around Chelona's Rise.

    Take note that you shouldn’t fast travel to a Site of Grace or rest at one while seeking out these turtles as it will reset the puzzle. Hit the turtle when you spot them. Once you’ve hit all three, the seal on the entrance will disappear.

    Founding Rain of Stars

    The location of Heretical Rise in Elden Ring.

    The Founding Rain of Stars is at the top of the Heretical Rise tower in the Mountaintops of the Giants. To get to the top, you don’t actually have to pass through the entrance at the bottom. The path is much more complicated than that.

    Start from the Freezing Lake Site of Grace. Head north and go all the way around the ridge. Continue going up the snowy mountain until you reach the end of the broken bridge.

    From here, you should notice that the falling snow is landing on an invisible path rather than falling through. Step on the invisible path and continue walking forward.

    The Tarnished on the path to the Heretical Rise in Elden Ring.

    Don’t go all the way to the end. About past halfway through, you will notice that the snow is now landing on an unseen path to your left. There are also icy mists here that mark the path. Follow this spiral path and it will lead you to the upper entrance of the tower.

    To make this trip easier for yourself, shoot bows on the ground to see if the path ahead of you is solid.