The player on the edge of a cliff overlooking the north of a huge lake with a walking mausoleum approaching.

Elden Ring: How to Get Into the Walking Mausoleum in Liurnia of the Lakes

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There is a Walking Mausoleum north of Raya Lucaria in Liurnia of the Lakes. It’ll be easy to spot, but tricky to enter. To uncover this moving castle’s secrets in Elden Ring, you’ll need to wait in a specific spot.

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    How to Get to the Waiting Spot

    Elden Ring map with red arrows and text showing the major points of interest for getting into the walking mausoleum in Liurnia of the Lakes.

    From the entrance of the Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel, head west while following the cliffs to your north.

    A player on horseback riding out from a cave entrance.

    Soon, you’ll find a Spirit Spring that will let you ascend the nearby cliffs. Jump into the column of wind while riding Torrent to be shot up high into the air. On your way down, you’ll find many safe places to land.

    Afterward, head east until you find what looks like horizontal tombstones jutting out from the cliff. These slabs of stone will make somewhat precarious platforms that partially descend the tall face of rock that you recently ascended.

    Get Into Position to Drop Down Onto the Walking Mausoleum

    The player on a slab of stone overlooking a walking stone castle.

    The moment you begin standing on one of these stone platforms, the Walking Mausoleum in the north of the lake will automatically begin walking towards you. However, it’s quite slow. Depending on how far the moving structure is from the platforms, it can take literal minutes of real-world time for it to amble over to you. As such, you’ll need to be patient. In the meantime, you should hop down the platforms and get to one of the lower ones. You’ll need to jump onto the Walking Mausoleum’s mossy stone skirt from above. However, if you’re too high up, you’ll either take a lot of fall damage or straight-up die.

    If you have the Longtail Cat talisman, now would be a great time to equip it. Although this talisman cannot prevent you from instantly dying due to a very high fall, anything short of a lethal drop will do no damage. The Longtail Cat talisman can be found in the Raya Lucaria magic academy. You’ll need to descend to the bottom of the huge lift within the sorcery school to find it.

    How to Get Into the Walking Mausoleum After Jumping Onto It

    The player attacking some growths that look like white skulls covering the outside of the walking mausoleum.

    When the Walking Mausoleum is below you, jump from of one the lower platforms and aim for anywhere green upon the structure. After you make your landing, you’ll notice many barnacle-like growths on the outside of the building that resemble white skulls. You’ll need to attack all of the patches of white skulls to solve the little puzzle barring your entrance. When you’ve cleared the Walking Mausoleum of growths, it will react immediately. After some rumbling, the small castle will descend to the ground and will knock you off, although you won’t take damage from this.

    The reason you get knocked off is due to the Walking Mausoleum NPC being replaced with an object version of itself. You can’t stand on the Walking Mausoleum while this happens without this transformation trick becoming obvious, so you have to be shifted to another area in order for the game to not break your emersion. However, after you get up, you’ll be able to climb the short staircase to the door leading inside.

    What’s Inside the Walking Mausoleum

    The player looking at a husk-like corpse on a stone slab within a walking mausoleum.

    If you weren’t sure why they’re called Walking Mausoleums until now, the mystery will soon be unraveled. Inside, you’ll find a single husk of a headless corpse upon a stone coffin. When you approach the mummified body, you can examine the remains, which will open the Remembrance Duplication Menu.

    What You Need to Know About Rememberance Duplication

    This menu, as you may be able to guess from the name, allows you to duplicate remembrances that you’ve collected. This includes remembrances that you’ve already consumed. However, you can only use the Rememberance Duplication function of each Walking Mausoleum once.

    Thankfully, there are other Walking Mausoleums around the Lands Between that you can use to duplicate remembrances. As such, you can clone the sources of your favorite boss weapons and more.