The Age of Order from Elden Ring.

Elden Ring: How to Get the Age of Order Ending

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The Age of Order ending is a variation of Elden Ring’s standard ending. This revolves around the Golden Order and the NPCs that worship it. To get the Age of Order ending, you’ll need to follow and complete the questlines of two NPCs: Brother Corhyn and Goldmask.

Their questlines are very intertwined. You’ll need to find both of them, reunite them, and speak with both of them when they move locations. It’s more straightforward than the other alternate endings, but there are still a few tasks to be done.

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    Talk to Brother Corhyn

    Finding Brother Corhyn is very easy. Once you get transported to the Roundtable Hold by Melina, you’ll meet him there along with the other Tarnished.

    Cohryn at the Roundtable Hold.

    Interact with him as you go along the game. He also sells incantations, which are great for mage builds.

    Once you reach Altus Plateau, return to the Roundtable Hold and speak with Brother Corhyn again. He’ll tell you that he’ll leave the roundtable to seek out the Goldmask. He won’t be there anymore the next time you load back into the Roundtable Hold.

    You’ll find Brother Corhyn again at Altus Plateau. He’ll be standing next to the monument where you obtain the Altus Plateau map. Refer to the image below for the exact location.

    Cohryn's location at Altus Plateau.

    When spoken to here, he’ll tell you that he still hasn’t found Goldmask. To move the quest along, you’ll need to find the Goldmask for him.

    Finding Goldmask

    Goldmask is also in Altus Plateau. You’ll find him at the end of the broken great bridge from the north.

    Goldmask's location in Altus Plateau.

    From Brother Cohryn’s location, ride north until you reach the Forest-Spanning Greatbridge Site of Grace. Beside the Site of Grace is a teleporter that transports you to the other side of the bridge. You’ll be able to reach Goldmask’s location from here.

    Interact with Goldmask once. Then, return to Brother Cohryn and tell him of the Goldmask’s location.

    After this, when you return to Goldmask’s location, you’ll find Brother Cohryn there beside him.

    Cohryn and Goldmask in Altus Plateau.

    Collect the Golden Order Principia

    When you enter Leyndell, the Royal Capital, Brother Cohryn and Goldmask will also move there. You’ll find them next to the colosseum in southern Leyndell.

    Cohryn and Goldmask's location in Leyndell.

    Before you go to them, though, you’ll want to acquire the Golden Order Principia. You’ll find this in the Erdtree Sanctuary. This means you’ll first need to defeat Godfrey to get this item.

    The Golden Order Principia is on a corpse that’s sitting on a hanging chair directly above the Site of Grace. To get to its location from the Erdtree Sanctuary Site of Grace, exit through the east and use the branch here to get to the upper sections of the sanctuary.

    Once you reach the balcony at the top, exit through the door and immediately walk to your left. Jump onto the roof below. Walk forward and you’ll see an open window. Head inside through here.

    Go around to get to the other side of the indoor balcony. There’s a branch here you can walk on. Proceed from here and you’ll reach the hanging chair to obtain the Golden Order Principia.

    The Tarnished picking up the Golden Order Principia.

    Learn the Truth About Marika and Radagon

    Now that you have this incantation tome, go to Brother Cohryn and the Goldmask’s location in Leyndell. Give the incantation tome to Brother Cohryn and learn the Law of Regression spell.

    You can also speak to him here to get an update on Goldmask’s learnings about the Golden Order. Cohryn will tell you that both he and Goldmask are searching for the true identity of Radagon and his real connection with Marika. This is what you’re about to learn for them.

    Return to the Erdtree Sanctuary and head west. Proceed forward and take the elevator down. Continue forward until you’re face-to-face with a statue of Marika. On the floor, you’ll find a message that says “Regression alone reveals secrets.”

    Perform the Law of Regression and a new message will appear. Read this message to learn a revelation about Radagon and Marika. With this new information, return to Brother Cohryn and Goldmask.

    The Tarnished using the Law of Regression in Elden Ring.

    Speak to Goldmask and tell him of Radagon’s true identity. While he’ll remain quiet, speak to Brother Cohryn and he’ll thank you for your actions.

    Meet Them at the Mountaintops of the Giants

    Brother Cohryn and Goldmask will move to the Mountaintops of the Giants as you do. You’ll find them on the bridge south of Stargazer’s Ruins. Speak to Brother Cohryn here and exhaust his dialogue.

    Cohryn and Goldmask's location in the Mountaintops of the Giants.

    That’s all you need to do with them here. For now, progress through the game until you’re sent back to Leyndell in its new state.

    Retrieving the Mending Rune of Perfect Order

    With Leyndell in its current state, head back to the colosseum where you found the two NPCs earlier. Here, you’ll find a deceased Goldmask and the Mending Rune of Perfect Order ripe for the taking.

    Age of Order Ending in Elden Ring

    With the Mending Rune of Perfect Order acquired, complete the game and use the Mending Rune on Marika’s statue. This triggers the ending and marks the beginning of the Age of Order.