The age of stars ending in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring: How to Get The Age of the Stars Ending

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The Age of the Stars ending in Elden Ring is one of the most complicated endings to achieve. It’s centered around Ranni the Witch and it grants you an achievement or trophy upon completion. Here’s how to achieve it.

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    Seeking out Ranni the Witch

    You first meet this enigmatic demigod in the Church of Elleh when she gives you the Spirit Calling Bell. You won’t meet her again unless you personally seek her out.

    That said, you must then make your way to the Three Sisters sub-region in northern Liurnia. You must first pass through Caria Manor and defeat the boss there, Royal Knight Loretta, to gain access to this area.

    Once arrived, head to the middle tower in the west to find Ranni’s Rise. Make your way to the top of the tower to find Ranni.

    Ranni's Rise from Elden Ring marked on the map.

    Interact with Ranni here and agree to join her group. She’ll then tell you to speak with the others in her service, who are waiting for you at the lower area of the tower.

    Those under her service are War Counselor Iji, Preceptor Seluvis, and Blaidd. Speak with all three of them and exhaust their dialogue. Then, speak with Ranni once more. You won’t be able to leave the tower until you do so.

    Ranni will then tell you that she’ll fall into deep slumber soon. She’ll also task you with retrieving the hidden treasure of Nokron.

    Finding the Eternal City of Nokron

    After speaking with Ranni in her tower, the next step is to make your way to the Eternal City of Nokron. Before you can do that, however, you must first defeat Starscourge Radahn in Caelid. Defeating him opens up the path to the aforementioned city.

    If you’re still at the early stages of the game, it is very likely that the Radahn Festival hasn’t started for you yet. There are two ways you can go about jump-starting the festival.

    First, you can arrive at Altus Plateau by either riding the Grand Lift of Dectus or by passing through the Ravine-Veiled Village.

    Second, you can head to Siofra River and speak with Blaidd there. You’ll find him east of the Siofra River Bank Site of Grace, near the edge of a cliff underneath the fragmented bridge.

    Blaidd's location in Siofra River marked on the map.

    He’ll then tell you to seek out the help of Preceptor Seluvis. You’ll find him in his tower in the Three Sisters, south of Ranni’s Tower.

    Once spoken to, he’ll direct your path towards Sorceress Sellen. You can find her in the cellar of Waypoint Ruins in Limgrave.

    Waypoint Ruins marked on the map.

    Sellen will tell you that, in order to move along Ranni’s fate, you must first defeat Starscourge Radahn.

    If you report to Blaidd after this, he’ll tell you to meet him at Redmane Castle in Caelid. Head to this place, participate in the festival, and defeat Radahn. In the cutscene after defeating Radahn, a meteorite will crashland onto the Earth.

    Speak with Blaidd and he’ll tell you to go to where the meteorite landed. You’ll find the newly-formed entrance to the Eternal City of Nokron there.

    Finding the Hidden Treasure of Nokron

    You can find the entrance to Nokron south of Mistwood in Limgrave. Progress through the area until you come across the Mimic Tear boss. Defeat this boss and continue onwards. Head directly to the Ancestral Woods Site of Grace.

    Ancestral Woods marked on the map.

    From here, use the roofs and ledges of the buildings below to traverse onwards. You’ll then arrive at Night’s Sacred Ground. Continue forward until you reach the Night’s Sacred Ground Site of Grace.

    Proceed north where you’ll encounter multiple Silver Tear enemies, one of which will transform into a troll. Beyond these enemies is a building that contains a coffin. Loot the coffin and you’ll receive the Fingerslayer Blade. This is the hidden treasure of Nokron Ranni tasks you to obtain.

    The Tarnished acquiring the Fingerslayer Blade in Elden Ring.

    There’s a waygate outside the building that will take you back to the Ancestral Woods Site of Grace. Do so if you wish to rest up from here.

    Return to Ranni and give her the Fingerslayer Blade. As a reward, she’ll give you the Carian Inverted Statue. You can use this item to invert the Divine Tower of Liurnia and obtain the Cursemark of Death.

    Meeting Miniature Ranni

    Upon giving Ranni the Fingerslayer Blade, Renna’s Rise to the north will open up its entrance. At the top of the tower, you’ll find a waygate that will lead you to Ainsel River.

    As soon as you get teleported to Ainsel River, you’ll spot a coffin ahead of you with an item on top of it. Loot this item to obtain Miniature Ranni. Proceed until you reach the Site of Grace.

    While resting at this Site of Grace, you’ll find a new option to “Talk to miniature Ranni.” Choose this option three times and it will be revealed that Ranni has trapped her soul into this miniature doll.

    The Tarnished talking to miniature Ranni in Elden Ring.

    She’ll then ask you to perform a service for her: Eliminate the “Baleful Shadow.”

    Simply make your way forward and you should arrive in Nokstella. Take the staircase ahead and continue pressing onwards. South of the top of the castle, you’ll find an elevator that will take you down. Continue onwards and you’ll find another elevator that will take you further down still.

    You’ll find the Nokstella Waterfall Basin Site of Grace at the bottom. Rest up before continuing.

    The Tarnished in Nokstella Waterfall Basin Site of Grace.

    Enter the cave ahead. At the end of the cave, you’ll arrive at an area that is bathed in red light. You can find the Baleful Shadow here. Defeat this enemy, and Ranni will give you the Discarded Palace Key.

    Travel to the Raya Lucaria Grand Library. You will find a locked chest here behind Renalla. The Discarded Palace Key opens this chest. Inside is the Dark Moon Ring. You’ll need this item for later.

    Fighting Astel, Naturalborn of the Void

    Once you’ve acquired the Dark Moon Ring, return to the area where you fought the Baleful Shadow. Proceed onwards and you’ll reach the Lake of Rot. You will need to cross the Scarlet Rot lake to continue. That said, make sure to stock up on Preserving Boluses before moving forward.

    Cross the lake and you’ll arrive at the Grand Cloister. Proceed onward and you’ll spot a temple ahead. Take a left from the temple and you’ll find a coffin at the edge of the rot waterfall. You have the option to “rest” in this coffin. Do so and you’ll be transported to a different location.

    The Tarnished standing before the coffin at the Grand Cloister.

    You’ll then find yourself in a cavern with a fog door at the end. Enter the fog door and you’ll find Astel, Naturalborn of the Void.

    Defeat this boss to proceed. After which, proceed to the area ahead. This path would have been blocked if it weren’t for the Dark Moon Ring. Now that it is already in your inventory, you can freely proceed to find an elevator ahead.

    This elevator will take you back aboveground. Once you surface, you’ll be at the Moonlight Altar.

    The Final Stage of Ranni’s Questline

    There’s a Site of Grace a few steps ahead of the elevator. Rest up before continuing. Once done, proceed climbing the hill and reach the Cathedral of Manus Celes. Before you arrive here, though, Glintstone Dragon Adula will appear in front of the cathedral. You can either fight and defeat the dragon or simply run past it.

    To the right of the Site of Grace in the Cathedral of Manus Celes, you’ll find a hole in the ground you can drop into.

    The Tarnished standing before a hole in the ground in the Cathedral of Manus Celes.

    Continue onwards until you find the body of Ranni at the base of a mangled Two Fingers. Interact with her to place the Dark Moon Ring on her finger.

    After the cutscene plays out, Ranni will once again appear before you. Now her consort, she’ll bid you farewell and urge you to follow your path in becoming the Elden Lord.

    After Ranni disappears, she’ll leave behind the Dark Moon Greatsword.

    The Age of the Stars Ending

    What’s left for you to do now is to play the game and see it through to the end. When you’re inside the Erdtree after defeating the Elden Beast, you’ll see Ranni’s summon sign on the ground before Marika’s fractured figure. Summoning Ranni will trigger the Age of the Stars ending.