A Golden Scarab in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring: How to Get the Golden Scarab Talisman

Get the Golden Scarab talisman to earn more Runes in Elden Ring.

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Key Takeaway

You get the Golden Scarab talisman by defeating the bosses in the Abandoned Cave in Dragonbarrow, Caelid.

The Golden Scarab is a talisman players can acquire in Elden Ring. It’s particularly useful for Rune farming as it increases the number of Runes you receive by 20%. To get it, you’ll need to explore a specific cave in Caelid.

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    Finding the Abandoned Cave

    You receive the Golden Scarab talisman by defeating the boss in the Abandoned Cave. The Abandoned Cave is located in Dragonbarrow, Caelid. The image below shows its exact location on the map.

    Abandoned Cave shown on the map in Elden Ring.

    The entrance to the Abandoned Cave is well-hidden. It is situated on the side of a cliff which you can get to by running on tree branches. You can get to it by heading here from the north or from the west.

    Mark the location of the cave on your map using a beacon to make your travel easier to follow. Start at the Smoldering Wall Site of Grace then begin heading east to where the cave is.

    Smoldering Wall shown on the map.

    On your way, you’ll encounter a Giant Dog and an Abudctor Virgin. Either deal with these enemies or simply run past them. You’ll eventually find yourself at the top of a cliff, over a canyon with a tree branch that you can walk over.

    Standing in front of the entrance to the Abandoned Cave.

    Cross the canyon by using the tree branch as a platform. Look over to the northeast and you’ll find the entrance to the Abandoned Cave.

    Preparing for the Abandoned Cave

    The Abandoned Cave is filled with Scarlet Rot pools. Be sure to stock up on Preserving Boluses before entering the cave.

    The Rot pools will also slow down your movement, and there are Rot geysers in them that deal considerable damage. You can make traversing the cave easier by equipping the Quickstep or Bloodhound Step Ash of War.

    Getting the Golden Scarab

    At the end of the Abandoned Cave is a boss room that has two Cleanrot Knights. One of them wields a scythe, and another uses a spear. Defeat these enemies and you’ll receive the Golden Scarab.