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Elden Ring: Soft Caps for Every Stat and Attribute

Soft caps let you know how much you should level up a stat in Elden Ring while still receiving optimal returns.

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Key Takeaway

The soft cap for each stat in Elden Ring are as follows: Vigor (40 and 60), Mind (55 and 60), Endurance (15, 30, and 50 for Stamina, 25 and 50 for Equipment Load), Strength (20, 55, and 80), Dexterity (20, 55, and 80), Intelligence (20, 50, and 80 for Weapon Attack Scaling, 60 and 80 for Sorcery Scaling), Faith (20, 50, and 80 for Weapon Attack Scaling, 60 and 80 for Incantation Scaling), Arcane (20, 50, and 80 for Weapon Attack Scaling, 30 and 45 for Incantation Scaling).

Every stat in Elden Ring comes with a soft cap. This feature is put in place to discourage players from allocating every level-up point to just one stat. The soft cap for each stat also varies from one to another.

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    What Are Soft Caps?

    Soft caps affect how attributes are increased whenever you level up a stat in Elden Ring. For example, you increase your overall HP whenever you level up the Vigor stat. Whenever you level up Dexterity, you’re increasing the damage of your weapon that scales with said stat.

    When you reach a stat’s soft cap, the attribute that the stat raises is gradually minimized. To fully grasp how this works, you need to know each stat’s soft cap and how much increase their corresponding attribute receives whenever the stat is leveled up.

    Every stat in the game also has two or three soft caps. Attributes gained are reduced after reaching the first soft cap, and the reduction becomes even greater when reaching the second one.

    Vigor Soft Caps – 40 and 60

    The Vigor Stat from Elden Ring.

    The soft caps for the Vigor stat are at levels 40 and 60. As mentioned previously, the soft caps for this stat will affect how much overall HP is increased when Vigor is leveled up.

    Vigor LevelHP Gained per Level
    1-40+4 to +48
    41-60 (First soft cap)+26 to +13
    61-99 (Second soft cap)+6 to +3

    To put this into perspective, the total number of HP gained by reaching level 40 is 1,450. However, as you continue to level up from level 40 to level 80, your overall HP becomes 2,015.

    This means you gain a total of 565 HP by going from level 40 to level 80 compared to the astounding growth of 1,450 by going from level 1 to level 40.

    Mind Soft Caps – 50 and 60

    The Mind stat from Elden Ring.

    Mind affects your overall FP and the Focus body stat. The soft caps decrease the rate of FP gained with each further level up.

    Mind LevelFP Gained per Level
    1-50+3 to +6
    51-60 (First soft cap)+6 to +4
    61-99 (Second soft cap)+3 to +2

    Endurance Soft Caps – 15, 30, and 50 / 25 and 60

    The Endurance stat from Elden Ring.

    Endurance determines Stamina, as well as the Robustness body stat and Equipment Load.

    The Endurance stat has two separate sets of soft caps. The first set of soft caps affects overall Stamina, and the other affects Equipment Load.

    The following are the soft caps for Endurance that affect Stamina:

    Endurance LevelStamina Gained per Level
    1-15First level increases Stamina by +1, then the next three levels increase it by +2; process repeats until level 15
    16-30 (First soft cap)First level increases Stamina by +1, then the next two levels increase it by +2; process repeats until level 30
    31-50 (Second soft cap)Stamina alternates between receiving a +1 and +2 increase
    51-99 (Third soft cap)Stamina increases by +1 after two or three increases in level

    The following are the soft caps for Endurance that affect Equipment Load:

    Endurance LevelMaximum Equipment Load Gained per Level
    1-25+1.5 to +1.6
    26-60 (First soft cap)+1 to +1.5
    61-99 (Second soft cap)+1 to +1.1

    Strength and Dexterity Soft Caps – 18, 55, and 80

    Strength and Dexterity stats from Elden Ring.

    Strength and Dexterity have the same soft caps. These two stats affect the attack powers of weapons. When a weapon scales with Strength, the Strength stat increases its attack power. The same goes for Dexterity and weapons that scale with it.

    The increase in attack power varies from weapon to weapon, as it ultimately depends on the scaling grade. A weapon’s scaling grade is rated as letters S to E, with S being the highest and E being the lowest.

    This increase in attack power diminishes once the soft caps are reached.

    Intelligence and Faith Soft Caps – 20, 50, and 80 / 60 and 80

    The Intelligence and Faith stats from Elden Ring.

    Intelligence and Faith stats also have the same soft caps. These stats also come with two different sets of soft caps, one affecting the attack power of weapons that scale with said stats and their soft caps are at levels 20, 50, and 80. The second affects Sorcery or Incantation and their soft caps are at 60 and 80.

    Similar to Strength and Dexterity weapons, the increase in attack power that Intelligence and Faith weapons receive depends on their scaling grade.

    Sorcery Staffs and Incantation Sacred Seals come with Sorcery and Incantation scaling, respectively. The damage increase a spell receives also depends on the scaling grade of the Staff or Sacred Seal.

    Arcane Soft Caps – 20, 50, and 80 / 30 and 45

    The Arcane stat from Elden Ring.

    The soft caps for Arcane work similarly to Intelligence and Faith. The only difference is that the Incantation Scaling for Sacred Seals that require Arcane has soft caps at 30 and 45.

    Hard Caps

    All stats in Elden Ring are hard capped at level 99. This means a stat won’t be able to exceed this level regardless of buffs from various equipment such as armor or talismans.