Elden Ring: What Does Focus Do?

Focus is a defensive stat in Elden RingThis stat governs the resistance to specific status effects. The game isn’t forthcoming about its effects. However, you’re already increasing this stat without knowing about it or what it affects.

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    What Happens If You Increase Your Focus in Elden Ring

    Increasing your Focus in Elden Ring will increase your resistance to two status effects: Sleep and Madness.

    The Tarnished inflicted with Sleep and Madness Status Effects.

    There are not a lot of enemies in Elden Ring that inflict Sleep, but Madness can be rampant — especially in areas that are plagued by the Frenzied Flame.

    While Sleep isn’t rampant in the game, it can be used in PvP to temporarily incapacitate other players. If your Focus stat is high, you’ll never have to deal with this problem.

    How is Focus Increased?

    The Tarnished crossing the chain bridge in the Mountaintops of the Giants.

    Focus will naturally increase the higher your level becomes. Just play the game as is and continue leveling up and your Focus will increase on its own.

    Focus is also directly tied to the Mind attribute. Level up the Mind attribute and your focus will increase.

    There are also items in the game that can increase your Focus stat, such as the following:

    • Clarifying Horn Charm talisman
    • Mottled Necklace talisman
    • Rift Shield
    • Shield of the Guilty
    • Spiralhorn Shield
    • Greathood headpiece
    • Cohryn’s Robe chest piece
    • Mushroom Arms gauntlets
    • Fire Prelate Gauntlets
    • Astrologer’s Trouser
    • Mushroom Legs
    • Fire Prelate Greaves
    • Gold Waistwrap

    The Tarnished getting hit by Sleep arrows.