Fia at the Roundtable Hold before fading away.

Elden Ring: Where Does Fia Go?

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Key Takeaway

Fia is in Deeproot Depths, at the Prince of Death’s Throne.

Fia is a character in Elden Ring that leaves the Roundtable Hold later in the game. Her departure can be abrupt and she leaves no hints nor traces whatsoever as to where she goes to.

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    When Does Fia Leave?

    If you return to Fia and have her hold you at the Roundtable Hold after reaching the Altus Plateau, she’ll give you the Weathered Dagger. She’ll then ask you to return the dagger to its owner, but she won’t mention who that is.

    Fia asking the Tarnished for a favor.

    You can hand this dagger to D, Hunter of the Dead. Fortunately for you, D is also in the Roundtable Hold. Simply talk to him, give him the dagger, and reload the area.

    When you spawn back at the Roundtable Hold, you’ll find that the room at the end of the corridor before Fia’s chamber is now open. Upon entering, you’ll see a bloodied, lifeless D on the ground with Fia standing over him. After exhausting her dialogue here, Fia will leave the Roundtable Hold.

    Alternatively, Fia will also leave the Roundtable Hold after you burn the Erdtree, whether or not you’ve interacted with her.

    Where To Find Fia

    Fia is in the Deeproot Depths. You’ll need to traverse the massive branches here to get to the tallest part of the region. You can start from The Nameless Eternal City Site of Grace, head southeast, and start crossing the branches from here to make your way up.

    A branch at the Deeproot Depths that runs towards Fia's location.

    Keep ascending until you get to the area where there’s a tower to your left, and you’re overlooking a waterfall to your right.

    The Tarnished on a branch that overlooks a waterfall.

    Jump onto the branch beside the tower and continue ascending. You can then spot a cliff ahead with a Site of Grace on it. Jump down here and activate the grace site.

    The Tarnished looking over at a Site of Grace in Deeproot Depths.

    The area beyond this Site of Grace is known as the Prince of Death’s Throne. Proceed inside and be ready to fight Fia’s Champions.

    This boss encounter has you fight a series of summons. The champions include Sorcerer Rogier and Lionel the Lionhearted. The rest of the summons you fight are generated randomly.

    Once defeated, you’ll spot Fia sitting at the end of the room.

    Fia at the Deeproot Depths.

    Finding Fia and continuing her quest line from here is crucial for the Age of the Duskborn ending.