Elden Ring: How to Get the Age of Duskborn Ending

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The Age of Duskborn ending in Elden Ring is centered around Fia, the deathbed companion, and the Prince of Death. Should you want to go along with Fia’s wishes, here are the things you need to do.

Fia, the deathbed companion, is more known in the Elden Ring community as the “hugger” in the Roundtable Hold. What not a lot of people know about her is that she is connected to Godwyn, the first demigod to fall and the Prince of Death.

Fia hugging the Tarnished from Elden Ring.

The Age of Duskborn ending is centered around these two characters. To get it, you’ll have to start with Fia.

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    Fia, the Deathbed Companion

    Interact with Fia throughout your journey, but don’t forget to always use the Badalchin’s Blessing you obtain from her. As long as this is in your inventory, your Vigor stat is reduced by one.

    Once you reach Altus Plateau, interact with Fia once more. While being held by her, she’ll ask a favor from you. She’ll present you with the Weathered Dagger item and ask you to bring it to its original owner.

    The Death of D

    You won’t need to look far for the dagger’s owner as he’s also in the Roundtable Hold. Give the Weathered Dagger to D, whom you’ll find sitting at a chair in the central chamber of the hold.

    Take note that for D to be at the Roundtable Hold, you’ll first need to interact with him in the open world. You’ll find him west of the Summonwater Village in Limgrave.

    D's location in Limgrave.

    Once you’ve given the dagger to D, rest at the Site of Grace at the Roundtable Hold. You’ll then find that D has disappeared from his previous location. Go to the corridor where the Blacksmith is and follow the carpeted path to the left. You’ll see that a previously closed door has now been opened.

    When you enter the door, you’ll find a lifeless D laying on the ground and Fia sitting beside him. Interact with Fia here. After this encounter, she will leave the Roundtable Hold.

    Going to Deeproot Depths

    To find Fia again, you’ll need to make your way to Deeproot Depths. To get to this place, you’ll need to open up a path to Nokron. You can do this by defeating Starscourge Radahn in Caelid. The death of Radahn will cause a meteorite to fall from the heavens.

    Once this is done, head to the south of Mistwood and you should find the crash site of the meteorite. Enter Nokron from here.

    The Tarnished standing before the entrance to Nokron.

    You must progress through this area until you find the Ancestral Woods Site of Grace. Rest up for now as you still have a long road ahead of you.

    From the Site of Grace, travel northeast and past the altar until you find a swarm of jellyfish. Keep riding forward and you’ll spot cliffs below you can jump onto. Keep moving forward and you’ll arrive at the Aqueduct-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace.

    You will need to deal with two Crucible Knights and a few Hawks Soldiers here. Beyond them is a boss room containing two Valiant Gargoyle Bosses. Defeat these bosses to progress.

    Once defeated, approach the coffin close to the base of the waterfalls. Interact with it and you’ll be transported to the Deeproot Depths.

    The Tarnished next to a coffin in Siofra Aquedact.

    Finding Fia

    Your first Site of Grace in the Deeproot Depths will be the Great Waterfall Crest. From here, travel west and cross the massive chasm by traversing the roots. Once you get across, keep moving until you find another Site of Grace beside a Finger Crone.

    Stick close to the ledge while heading north. Once you reach the ruins, you’ll find a couple of sunken buildings. These are low enough for you to jump onto their roofs. Do so and use the roots as well to progress higher. Be careful. There are enemies here waiting to damage you from a distance.

    The Tarnished standing on a tree root in Deeproot Depths.

    Eventually, you’ll find yourself in the Across the Roots Site of Grace. Enter the structure behind the Site of Grace and you’ll be greeted by Fia’s Champions. Once these enemies are defeated, you’ll see Fia at the base of the massive structure ahead.

    Speak to her and tell her that you want to be held.  She’ll then tell you to obtain a hallowbrand.

    Obtaining a Cursemark of Death

    To obtain a Cursemark of Death, you’ll need to progress Ranni’s questline. Speak to her in Ranni’s Rise north of Caria Manor. Head to Nokron and obtain the Fingerslayer Blade. Then, return to Ranni and give the blade to her. You’ll receive the Carian Inverted Statue in return.

    The Tarnished at the Carian Study Hall.

    You must then take this item to the Carian Study Hall. Place the inverted statue on the altar and it will serve its purpose. From here, progress forward until you reach the Divine Tower of Liurnia.

    Ascend the tower and you’ll find a burnt body on the ground. Loot the item from the body and you’ll receive the Cursemark of Death.

    The Tarnished picking up the Cursemark of Death.

    The Mending Rune of the Death Prince

    Return to Fia and give the item to her. After this interaction, rest at the Site of Grace and talk to her again. Repeat this process until you find Fia sleeping in her current location.

    When interacting with the sleeping Fia, you’ll have the option to enter the Deathbed Dream. Do so and you’ll face Lichdragon Fortissax.

    The Lichdragon Fortissax from Elden Ring.

    After you defeat this boss, you’ll be sent back to the real world. You’ll then be able to pick up the Mending Rune of the Death Prince from the body of the sleeping Fia.

    The Age of Duskborn Ending

    The Age of Duskborn ending from Elden Ring.

    The Mending Rune of the Death Prince is the item you’ll need to trigger the Age of Duskborn Ending. From here, simply play the game until you reach the ending.

    When you interact with Marika’s fractured figure inside the Erdtree, choose the “Use Meding Rune of the Death Prince” option. With that, you’ll have triggered this ending and heralded the Age of Duskborn.