Elden Ring: Where Did the Prophet Go?

In Elden Ringthere’s an NPC who’s referred to by some as the “prophet.” Those who do know his name refer to him as Brother Cohryn. Though normally found at the Roundtable Hold, he later disappears from his position.

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    Brother Cohryn’s Next Location

    Brother Cohryn, or the Prophet, moves from his usual place at the Roundtable Hold to journey to the Altus Plateau. He actually tells you this if you talk to him after stepping into the Altus Plateau yourself for the first time. He’ll say he’ll set out on an adventure to seek out the noble Goldmask.

    What he doesn’t tell you, however, is where exactly he’ll be.

    If you arrive at the Altus Plateau by going using the Lift of Dectus, take the path that leads to the northeast and you’ll eventually arrive at the Altus Highway Junction Site of Grace. If you took the path at the Ruin-Strewn Precipice, however, continue heading east and you’ll arrive at the same aforementioned Site of Grace.

    Take the road north and you’ll eventually find Brother Cohryn at the side of the road, next to a pillar where you can pick up the map of the region.

    For reference, look at the image below to see where the Site of Grace in question is and where Brother Cohryn will be.

    The location of Brother Cohryn marked on the map.

    What Happens Next for Brother Cohryn?

    As he mentioned, Brother Cohryn’s goal is to seek out the noble Goldmask. You can find this famed Tarnished at the other end of the broken great bridge.

    You can easily get to the other end of the bridge by using the waygate next to the Forest-Spanning Greatbridge Site of Grace. To get to this Site of Grace and the waygate next to it, simply take the road next to Brother Cohryn and follow it northwards.

    Once you get to the other side of the bridge, head south and you’ll eventually run into Goldmask, who’ll be holding an arm up while pointing at the Erdtree.

    Head back to Brother Cohryn and tell him of Goldmask’s whereabouts. After which, he will then move to Goldmask’s location.

    Once both are united, they’ll actually move locations together, making their questlines progress as one.

    Both of these characters are also tied to the Age of Order ending.

    The Tarnished speaking with Brother Cohryn.