The Spellblade's Pointed Hat from Elden Ring.

Elden Ring: Where to Find Spellblade’s Pointed Hat

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Key Takeaway

To get the Spellblade’s Pointed Hat headpiece, simply progress through the game and wait for Rogier to pass away. You can then loot the hat from his body.

The Spellblade’s Pointed Hat in Elden Ring is the headpiece worn by Sorcerer Rogier. If you find the hat appealing, you’ll be glad to know that you have the chance to obtain it later on.

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    Getting the Spellblade’s Pointed Hat

    The Spellblade’s Pointed Hat is a piece of the Spellblade armor set. What’s great is that you don’t really need to do anything outside of simply progressing the game to obtain it.

    Sorcerer Rogier will eventually make his way to the Roundtable Hold after you defeat Godrick the Grafted. He’ll be on the balcony east of the central area. Speak to him here and keep exhausting his dialogue.

    It should be noted that Rogier has a questline that involves Ranni the Witch. However, it’s not necessary for you to do the quest. You can simply keep exhausting his questline and progress the game as normal.

    Later on, Rogier will fall into slumber. He’ll be unresponsive during this time.

    The Tarnished facing Rogier from Elden Ring.

    From here on, you can keep resting at a Site of Grace and pass the time, then return to Rogier to “progress” his questline, or you can simply progress through the game until you reach Leyndell.

    Eventually, when you make your way back to Rogier, he’ll suddenly pass away, leaving behind his gear and his bell bearing. One of these is the Spellblade’s Pointed Hat.

    Spellblade’s Pointed Hat Effects

    The Tarnished wearing the Spellblade Set.

    When worn, Magic and Cold Ashes of War and Skills will receive a 2% boost. Each piece of the Spellblade’s set has the same effect. This means that if you wear the entire set, you’ll receive a total boost of 8% to your Magic and Cold skills.