Digimon Survive: Should You Believe the Unfamiliar Woman?

No, you should not believe the unfamiliar woman. Although Kaito is clearly overreacting when he talks to her, his instincts are correct. You should side with your friend over this stranger, as that will help you in the upcoming battle.

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    What Happens if You Believe Kaito?

    The blonde-haired Kaito saying he does not believe the unfamiliar woman and wants to punch her in the face.

    After a big group discussion, the majority of the cast follows the unfamiliar woman to the cable car area. However, you, as Takuma, follow Kaito instead. As you and Kaito reach a wooded area nearby, you’ll be able to talk to him and his Digimon partner Dracmon.

    In addition to being able to get a bit more context for the situation, there are other benefits. If you search the area with your camera, you’ll be able to find four items. Three of these will be types of bandages, which restore HP in combat. The fourth item will be an Attack Break, which you can use in combat to temporarily cripple an enemy’s offensive stats.

    All of these items can be helpful in the upcoming battle, as there are a lot of enemies. Furthermore, there will also be an ultimate-level Digimon who can hit your units very hard. It’s safe to say that believing Kaito is objectively the best decision, as you get items you’ll otherwise miss…and for one more reason.

    When you decide to progress the story, you’ll end up on the corner of the battlefield in the next battle. This is a good position to be in, as you can avoid multiple enemies for the entire fight. This, in turn, makes the battle much more manageable.

    What Happens if You Believe the Unfamiliar Woman?

    The unfamiliar woman transforms into Arukenimon.

    If you choose to believe the unfamiliar woman over Kaito, Takuma and Agumon will follow the red-clad lady along with everyone else (besides Kaito, who storms off angrily). However, in the next scene, it is revealed why you shouldn’t trust strangers over friends.

    While riding in the cable car, the unfamiliar woman turns into Arukenimon and betrays you and your friends. You’ll then enter the next battle in a pretty awkward starting position. Instead of being on the corner of the battle map, you’ll be closer to the center and surrounded by foes.

    The only benefit of being in this situation is that you can release some of your friends from the cable car more easily. However, you’ll have to deal with a bunch more Dokugumon—including one that’s at a higher level than the rest.

    With that said, if you choose this path, you won’t have access to the healing items and Attack Break you get when you believe Kaito. Hopefully, you’ve been stocking up on such items prior to triggering this battle, as it’s likely that you’ll need them.

    Hints That Indicate the Unfamiliar Woman Should Not Be Trusted

    While Kaito is confronting the unfamiliar woman, Takuma will have some internal monologues about how the woman seems a bit suspicious. Her reactions to certain things also indicate that she is not a normal human, such as her abnormally calm demeanor.

    Additionally, she does not look like a normal human. While it can be argued that this game is in the anime style and that anime characters can look like anything, none of the other human characters have a stylized look. The only logical conclusion is that this woman is a Digimon in disguise||.

    To top it all off, the human characters who vouch for the woman have weak reasoning. Ryo basically babbles on like a crazy person, Minoru ignores the woman’s odd reactions, and Saki only backs up the woman to oppose Kaito’s aggression. None of these are good reasons to believe the woman in red.

    Contrarily, Aoi and Shuuji back up Kaito with reasonable claims. Firstly, the group should stick with their friends. Next, the woman is a stranger who came out of nowhere.

    Kaito and the unfamiliar woman wearing red clothes standing next to one another.