How Long Does It Take to Beat Stray?

Stray is a wonderfully crafted platforming and puzzle game where you play as a cat. Despite its engaging plot and fun gameplay, Stray is not a very long adventure—though definitely one that’s still worth embarking on.

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    Length of Stray’s Main Story

    The Stray cat out in the open.

    As previously mentioned, Stray is not a very long adventure. The game fully allows you to simply stick to the main story. If you decide to do this, you’ll be able to beat Stray’s main story in about two hours.

    In fact, the game even has a trophy or achievement that rewards you if you can beat the game in under two hours. This means that Stray was fully designed to be beaten under such time.

    100% Completion or Earning the Platinum Trophy

    The Stray cat on a boat with Momo.

    If you’re a completionist, your play time can be stretched ever so slightly. It can take you about four to five hours to earn 100% completion, or earn the game’s platinum trophy.

    Even if you’re not a completionist, you can go along this route if you want to see more of what the game offers beyond its main story.

    The Stray cat laying down.