Harvestella: How Long is Each Season?

Harvestella has four seasons (excluding Quietus): spring, summer, autumn, and winter. However, the length of each season differs drastically from that of the real world. Harvestella also throws in a season of death at the end of each season.

One season in Harvestella lasts 30 days. The length of each day varies depending on your playstyle, how productive you want to be during the day, when you decide to go to sleep, and several other factors. You can make days go by in an instant by going to sleep as soon as you wake up, but this isn’t recommended since you’ll miss out on farming, fishing, exploring, and everything else that makes Harvestella enjoyable.

However, the seasons don’t seamlessly run together. Between each season, you’ll experience the Season of Death—the Quietus season. The Quietus season lasts for a single day. It kills your crops and prevents you from attending events. After Quietus ends, the next season begins, and the cycle repeats.

A nighttime view in Harvestella during the Spring.