Harvestella: What Do Gold Ingredients Do?

As you progress through Harvestella, you will notice that some of the ingredients you pick up along the way look different in your inventory. Ingredients that have a gold background are extra beneficial when used in cooking.

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    What Are Gold Ingredients?

    Gold ingredients are essentially the same as regular ingredients. They are ingredients you can pick up through exploring dungeons or farming. You can tell gold ingredients apart from regular ones by their golden backgrounds in your inventory. If the ingredients are marked with gold, it simply means that they are higher-quality ingredients.

    Difference Between Regular and Gold Ingredients

    Because gold ingredients are of higher quality than your regular ingredients, they don’t have quite the same effect. Though almost identical, gold ingredients will actually give you a slightly higher boost in HP when consumed. For example, eating a regular Wild Leaf will gain you +300 HP, but eating a gold Wild Leaf will gain you +350 HP.

    Benefits to Cooking With Gold Ingredients

    Example of a meal cooked with regular ingredients versus one cooked with high quality ingredients.

    Where gold ingredients really shine is when you use them to cook meals. While the boost in HP from consuming gold ingredients alone is minimal, this boost will be much more noticeable when you cook full meals. However, you have to use several gold ingredients when cooking a meal to get the effect. If you only use one, the quality of the meal will remain the same.

    Examples of regular and gold ingredients back to back.