Can You Dodge in Harvestella?

Combat is a vital part of the gameplay in Harvestella. This has left many players wondering if there is a way to dodge attacks, as it’s not immediately obvious at the beginning of the game.

To cut right to the chase, the short answer is “no.” Even after you progress the story and unlock more jobs and abilities, you do not unlock a specific dodge function per se. Your best bet for fighting bosses is to take the time to beef up your character before attempting the battle and to bring lots of healing items with you. However, if you’re dead set on trying to avoid enemy attacks, the game does provide you with a way to do this to some degree.

Step ability shown in job tree.

Though not every job has this ability, many of them have an ability you can unlock called “Step.” This will allow you to make a quick movement at the start of a dash that may allow you to avoid an enemy’s attack if you time it perfectly. Once this ability is unlocked, you can use it simply by pressing the same button you use to dash.

Getting a Gold Ingredient in Harvestella.