How Old is Ellie in The Last of Us 2?

Ellie is a young, yet hardened character that’s central to the story of The Last of UsConsidering how tough Ellie is and how many people and monsters she’s killed, you may think she’s older than she really is.

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    Ellie’s Birthday

    Ellie and Joel celebrating Ellie's birthday.

    Ellie’s actual birthdate isn’t listed or mentioned anywhere in the games, nor in its comic book tie-in. However, we do know that she’s 14 years old when we first meet her in The Last of Us. We also know that the game, excluding its prelude, is set in 2033.

    This means Ellie was born sometime around 2019.

    Ellie’s Age in The Last of Us 2

    The Last of Us 2 is set five years after the events of the first game. Since Ellie was 14 during the first title, we can surmise that Ellie is 19 years old during the events of the second game.

    For someone who has experienced so much loss and tragedy, and has inflicted equal horror upon so many others, it’s a surprise just how young Ellie truly is.

    The events of The Last of Us 2 happen in the span of a year. This means that Ellie’s already reached the age of 20 by the end of the game. That’s still pretty young considering everything she’s already gone through, though.

    Ellie from the Last of Us 2.