Is Days Gone Multiplayer?

Days Gone is the kind of game a lot of players believe can benefit from a multiplayer mode. This then begs the question: does the game have a multiplayer functionality built in? The answer to this may, unfortunately, disappoint you.

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    Does Days Gone Have a Multiplayer Mode?

    No, it doesn’t.

    Not every single game needs a multiplayer mode. Its widely agreed upon that some single-player games are already perfect as they are. However, this sentiment isn’t shared with Days Gone.

    A lot of players believe the game’s open-world and exploration and combat mechanics could really benefit from a multiplayer mode. Just imagine fighting a horde of zombies while riding around on a motorcycle with your friends or other people online. That’s what Days Gone could bring to the table if it had a multiplayer mode.

    Will Days Gone Ever Have a Multiplayer Mode?

    Deacon and Sarah from Days Gone riding a bike.

    Days Gone started out as a PlayStation exclusive. However, it got released on PC in May 2021. This may allow some people to create a mod for it that can give it a multiplayer functionality, similar to what Nitrox did for Subnautica.

    As of writing, though, there’s no mod for the game yet that allows you to play the game online.

    It’s also unlikely that Bend Studio, the developers behind the game, is going to release a multiplayer mode for the game anytime soon. However, we may get a game from them that’s cut from the same cloth as Days Gone while also having a multiplayer mode.

    According to Kevin McAllister, Community Manager at Bend Studios, in a post released on PlayStation Blog, the team is currently hard at work on a new IP that builds upon the systems of Days Gone. This upcoming title, unlike their recent game, does come with a multiplayer mode.

    That being said, while we may never get a multiplayer mode for Days Gone, we can get a similar game in the future that does let us play with friends and other players online. For now, we just have to be patient.

    Deacon running away from zombies.