Is Elden Ring On Xbox Game Pass?

Elden Ring is an incredible game more players should play, and a service like the Xbox Game Pass could introduce the game to so many players. Unfortunately, Elden Ring isn’t currently on Xbox Game Pass.

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    A Bug, Not a Feature

    The Tarnished attacking an enemy in Elden Ring.

    This discussion came about prominently during early August when keen-eyed players spotted Elden Ring as a game they can play on Xbox Game Pass.

    To the unaware, Xbox Game Pass is a Microsoft-run subscription service. It gives subscribers access to hundreds of games for a monthly or yearly fee. This means players have hundreds of games to choose from to download and play for just a couple of dollars each month.

    A lot of incredible games are part of the service’s roster too such as Stardew Valley, Outer Wilds, and games from the Halo, Mass Effect, and Hitman series, among so many others.

    Microsoft keeps adding more and more amazing games to the service, which is why players got excited when Elden Ring seemingly got added to the service.

    Unfortunately, this seems to be a mistake on Microsoft’s part. According to a tweet by Tom Warren, a Senior Editor at The Verge, this is simply a bug. Microsoft has since fixed the issue.

    Will Elden Ring Come Out on Xbox Game Pass?

    The Tarnished doing the Erudition gesture with the Erdtree burning in the background.

    It’s unlikely at this point that Elden Ring will ever join the Xbox Game Pass family. As of writing, Sony owns a 14.09% share of FromSoftware, the developers behind Elden Ring.

    That doesn’t guarantee anything, though. It may still come out on Xbox Game Pass in the future. Whether that future is near or not is yet to be seen. There is also no news or rumors on this matter, let alone an official word.

    Elden Ring on Xbox Game Pass.