Skyrim: What Time is Dawn?

During your Skyrim playthrough, you’ll notice that sometimes you’ll need to wait for dawn to trigger certain events. But to do this, you’ll need to know exactly what time dawn is in Skyrim.

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    Why You Need to Know When Dawn Is

    You will likely encounter some tasks in Skyrim that will prompt you to wait for dawn. The most notable example of this is the Rising at Dawn quest. If you’re looking to cure Vampirism, completing the Rising at Dawn quest is the way to go. You’ll be told to meet Falion at dawn so he can perform the ritual.

    There are other cases in which you will need to have a sense of when dawn takes place. For example, when you set up a wedding, you are told the ceremony takes place the next day between dawn and dusk. Granted, you could shoot for the middle of the day to eliminate any concern, but it may put minds at ease to know your parameters.

    Location for the cure Vampirism ritual.

    What Time Is Dawn?

    Technically speaking, Skyrim considers dawn to begin at 5AM. That said, Falion begins making his way to your meeting place at around 3AM. He will then remain at the meeting place until 7AM. Additionally, weddings (though stated as between dawn and dusk) take place between the business hours of 8AM to 8PM.

    Dawn in Skyrim.