The location for the cure vampirism ritual.

Skyrim: How To Cure Vampirism

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Had enough of the sunlight penalties or bounties that come with being a vampire in Skyrim? Luckily, you can learn how to cure vampirism in these short, simple steps.

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    A disadvantage of being a vampire.

    Why Choose to Cure Vampirism

    There are plenty of benefits to becoming a vampire in Skyrim. But after a while, the drawbacks start to weigh on players—especially the stat penalties in the sunlight. The following are all of the downsides that accompany living as a creature of the night:

    • NPCs always comment on your appearance
    • No magicka, stamina, or health regeneration in the sunlight
    • Reduction to maximum magicka, stamina, or health during the day (depends on current stage of vampirism)
    • Weakness to fire (increases with each stage of vampirism)
    • Consistent feeding required to maintain lower stages of vampirism
    • Hostile NPCs (depending on stage of vampirism and whether you’ve installed Dawnguard DLC)
    An Innkeeper sharing info about Falion.

    How to Cure Vampirism

    If you’re tired of the vampirism penalties, the Rising at Dawn quest is the main way to cure vampirism. Note that you can technically also cure vampirism by becoming a werewolf through the Companions faction in Skyrim.

    To start the Rising at Dawn quest, simply travel to any Inn in Skyrim and ask the Innkeeper if they’ve heard any rumors lately. If you’re a vampire, the Innkeeper will tell you about Falion, a Redguard mage who has studied vampirism. Note that alternatively, you can also speak to one of the Dawnguard who will give you the same directions. Either of these will kickstart the quest. Simply highlight the quest in your log, and you will be pointed in the direction of Falion’s house.

    A black soul gem you can buy from Falion.

    How to Find a Black Soul Gem

    Once at Falion’s house, he’ll tell you that all you must do is find and fill a black soul gem and return it to him. The easiest way to get a black soul gem is to purchase it from Falion, as he already has one in stock. Alternatively, you can find a black soul gem in numerous places throughout Skyrim. Black soul gems will appear in chests, caves, and as loot on necromancers, giants, hagravens, and Forsworn Briarhearts. For all specific black soul gem spawn locations, check out The Elder Scrolls Wiki.

    Once you’ve picked up the black soul gem, you must fill it (if it hasn’t been filled already). To do so, you must cast Soul Trap on a humanoid (such as a citizen) and kill them before the effect wears off. Alternatively, you can use a weapon that’s been enchanted with Soul Trap to kill the humanoid, and this will also fill the black soul gem.

    This is the ritual taking place.

    Completing Rising at Dawn Quest

    Once you’ve filled your black soul gem, head back to Falion. After informing him of your progress, he will tell you to meet him in a location to perform a ritual at dawn. Follow your map to the ritual location and wait there until dawn. Speak with Falion, and he will perform the brief ritual. When he’s done speaking, your vampirism will have been cured, and you’re free to roam Skyrim during the day without penalties.