The Notorious Mark appearance during the "A Hill to Die On" hunt in Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16: A Hill to Die On Hunt Location and Rewards

The one that'll die on this hill won't be you! Unless you get cocky...

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Key Takeaway

Fastitocalon—this hunt’s Notorious Mark—dwells among the dunes of the Dhalmekian Republic. It makes its home in the northeastern part of the Velkroy Desert. The fastest way to its habitat is to start from the Velkroy Desert obelisk, head as far east as you can, and then go northward until you reach a dead end.

The “A Hill to Die On” hunt is a worthwhile side activity to do in Final Fantasy 16 because it gives you one of the rarest crafting materials in the game: Scarletite. However, on this hunt, you’ll have to pierce the defenses of an extremely durable enemy to get some.

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    Where to Find Fastitocalon for the “A Hill to Die On” Hunt

    The location of Fastitocalon during the "A Hill to Die On" hunt in Final Fantasy 16.

    You’ll be able to kick off this hunt shortly after you begin the main quest Out of the Shadow. Once you reach that point in FF16, you can start searching for A Hill to Die On’s Notorious Mark in the Dhalmekian Republic. Your target’s chosen locale is the far northeastern corner of the Velkroy Desert.

    To get here quickly, warp to the Velkroy Desert obelisk before making for the eastern edge of this region. Afterward, travel north until you reach a dead end on a hill. This is where you’ll find your prey: the level 34 Fastitocalon.

    For Fastitocalon’s exact location, take a look at the image above.

    How to Beat Fastitocalon

    Clive fighting Fastitocalon, the Notorious Mark for the "A Hill to Die On" hunt in Final Fantasy 16.

    Fastitocalon is a variation of the adamantoise enemies you’ve likely spotted here and there. As such, it has solid defenses—as well as some unique attacks and abilities. Don’t underestimate this reptilian foe unless you want to get shell-shocked! We’ll fill you in on the greatest dangers of the “A Hill to Die On” hunt.

    • Water Cannon: Not unlike the Pokémon Blastoise—to which Fastitocalon bears some resemblance—this Notorious Mark can launch a stream of high-pressure water projectiles at you. Since this is a named ability (its name appears on-screen right before it’s used), you’ll see this attack coming. When you do, dodge to either the left or right to avoid it.
    Water Cannon is arguably Fastitocalon’s most-used move. Also, it’s worth noting that if you get hit by the first projectile, you’ll get stunned and will get hit by the following water bullets.
    • Stomp: Sometimes Fastitocalon rears up before slamming the area in front of itself with its hefty forelimbs and body. The windup for this attack is pretty obvious, so you’ll have lots of time to get out of the way.
    • Bite: With its surprisingly long neck, the tortoise-like terror can snap at you if you’re in front of it. If you see it extend its snaking neck, back away to evade the incoming attack.
    • Spinning Shell Strike: Once in a while, Fastitocalon retreats into its shell before rushing forward while swiftly spinning. When you see your prey withdraw into its carapace, get ready to dodge to the left or right to avoid getting hit.
    Spinning Shell Strike can hit you multiple times; if the first part of this attack connects, so will the following ones. You need to avoid this attack entirely to not take damage here.
    • Testudo Trompe: This named ability (its name appears on-screen right before it’s used) begins with three small and harmless stomps before the enemy turtle hurtles into the air above you. Fastitocalon summons a ring of geysers around the area before coming back down with a forceful slam. Don’t stand underneath the Notorious Mark or near the blue spots marking where the water jets erupt and you’ll be fine.
    Your attacks won’t do much damage unless you hit Fastitocalon on the head. Also, if you hit its shell, your weapon bounces off your prey, which briefly stuns Clive.

    We found that the Notorious Mark of the “A Hill to Die On” hunt is particularly vulnerable to Garuda’s and Titan’s abilities. This means wind and earth attacks deal more damage as well as decrease Fastitocalon’s Will Gauge quicker.

    Garuda’s Aerial Blast is an excellent way to deal passive damage to this named adamantoise. When your target drops just below 50% of its Will Gauge, use Deadly Takedown to stun it long enough to unleash an efficient Gouge. Doing so should let you fully deplete the Notorious Mark’s Will Gauge in no time!

    Titan’s Earthen Fury is a great choice for dealing damage to this durable foe. On top of that, since Fastitocalon’s attacks have slow and obvious telegraphing, you can fully charge Windup with few issues for big hits.

    A Hill to Die On Hunt Rewards

    The rewards for the "A Hill to Die On" hunt in Final Fantasy 16.

    After you triumph over this tortoise, you’ll get some great rewards!

    • 1,100 Experience
    • 65 Ability Points
    • 10,000 Gil
    • 20 Renown
    • 2 Scarletite

    Now that you’ve got more Scarletite, you should use this precious metal to craft some better gear. Head to Blackthorne in the Hideaway to create equipment like the legendary sword Excalibur. With such a mighty weapon in hand, you’ll cut through nearby Notorious Marks—like the Soul Stingers—much easier. With that said, the Velkroy Desert holds much fiercer foes. Don’t rest on your laurels; to get stronger: seek out greater quarrels!