The Notorious Mark appearance during the Soul Stingers hunt. The Soul Stingers are C-rank giant insects.

Final Fantasy 16: Soul Stingers Hunt Location and Rewards

Pack some bug spray for this hunt!

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Key Takeaway

This Notorious Mark—the Soul Stingers—are swarming a spot in the Dhalmekian Republic. You’ll find them in the far east of the Fields of Corava within a secluded chunk of land. If you start this hunt as soon as it becomes available, the fastest way to get here is by warping to the obelisk in the Jaw and traveling east into the Fields of Corava.

However, if you decide to pursue this hunt a bit later, you’ll be able to make use of the Dravozd obelisk that is a short way north of the area in the Fields of Corava where the Soul Stingers spawn.

Since hunts are the most lucrative activity in Final Fantasy 16, you’ll want to do as many of them as possible—including the Soul Stingers hunt. This mission tasks you with slaying a group of massive mosquito-like monsters in the desert. Sadly, nowhere in the Dhalmekian Republic sells giant fly swatters…

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    Where to Find the Soul Stingers

    The location of the Soul Stingers hunt in the Dhalmekian Republic on the Final Fantasy 16 map.

    The Soul Stingers hunt becomes available shortly after you begin the main quest Out of the Shadow. Once you reach this point in Final Fantasy 16, you’ll be able to explore the Dhalkemian Republic for this swarm of level 32 insects. They reside in a somewhat isolated pocket of land on the far east of the Fields of Corava. Check out our above image for the exact location of these Notorious Marks.

    If you begin this hunt as soon as it becomes available, your quickest way to this spot is to start in the Jaw (via its obelisk) and work your way eastward into the Fields of Corava. However, if you start this hunt later in your playthrough, the Dravozd obelisk is much closer—it’s a bit north of where the Soul Stingers live.

    How to Beat the Soul Stingers

    Clive shooting stone magic bolts at a group of large flying insects in Final Fantasy 16.

    Unlike most other hunts, the one for the Soul Stingers tasks you with defeating multiple enemies instead of a singular foe. On top of that, these Notorious Marks don’t have Will Gauges—which means you can’t stagger them.

    With this in mind, you’ll want to equip high-damage Eikonic abilities over ones that are meant to stagger opponents. Also, abilities that affect large areas are ideal since they can hit multiple foes at once.

    Preference makes a difference! Use what abilities you’re the most comfortable with—as long as they deal high damage. Don’t forget that you can upgrade abilities in the tab of the menu featuring these skills.

    As for the attacks of the Soul Stingers: the one you need to worry about the most is Apipuncture. When you see this ability’s name appear on-screen, get ready to do a lot of dodging, as all five members of the enemy swarm dive at you—one by one—with stingers extended. If all five of them connect, you’ll take a ton of damage.

    Besides that, these Notorious Marks don’t have any other noteworthy attacks. They’ll only try to sting you on occasion if you’re closer enough. Although such pecks can hurt, Clive can tank a bunch of them if he’s at level 30 or higher.

    You can pause in the middle of an attack to use a Potion or High Potion from your Items menu if you’re about to die.

    For your offense, we found that big AoE (area of effect) attacks were very efficient when fighting the Soul Stingers. Flames of Rebirth (Phoenix), Aerial Blast (Garuda), and Upheaval (Titan) all did great work to reduce the health of this entire swarm at once. Conveniently, despite these Notorious Marks missing Will Gauges, they can still get knocked down by Eikonic abilities. If you see one of the Soul Stingers hit the ground—pounce on them!

    When fighting these foes, they’ll fly around out of reach of some of your abilities. Although you must wait for a Soul Stinger to hover close to the ground (or get knocked down), you’ll want to keep a few single-target abilities equipped, as slamming one of these big bugs with Rising Flames (Phoenix) or Windup (Titan) does a ton of damage.

    To close any gaps between you and your targets, try using Phoenix Shift to quickly approach one of them or use Deadly Embrace to pull one closer to you. On top of that, use Torgal’s Sic command to hit and potentially knock these insects out of the sky.

    The Soul Stingers Hunt Rewards

    The rewards for the Soul Stingers hunt in Final Fantasy 16.

    Once the Soul Stingers hunt has been completed, you’ll get rewards featuring a lot of common crafting components.

    • 460 Experience
    • 40 Ability Points
    • 5,500 Gil
    • 10 Renown
    • 50 Sharp Fangs
    • 20 Bloody Hides
    • 10 Magicked Ashes

    While this horde hunt doesn’t have the most exciting rewards, it keeps you well stocked on the kinds of materials you might need later for bigger and better crafting recipes. This is a trend for the less exciting hunts, such as the one for The Pack as well as others.

    They can’t all be about chasing down unique monsters like griffins or dragons. With that said, the more mundane hunts certainly prepare you for the later ones. Practice makes perfect!