Gorgimera, the Tricephalic Terror from Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16: The Tricephalic Terror Hunt Location and Rewards

With a name like "Tricephalic Terror," of course this hunt is going to be tough.

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Key Takeaway

The Notorious Mark toting the title of Tricephalic Terror makes its home in the Dhalmekian Republic. You’ll find it among the sand dunes northwest of the Dalimil Inn obelisk. Start from this fast travel point, exit the city northward, and then head west in a straight line.

The Tricephalic Terror hunt, where you’ll meet the dreaded Gorgimera, is one of Final Fantasy 16‘s harder hunts. Defeat this monstrous enemy and you’ll be aptly rewarded for it. This beast drops an Orichalcum: a material you’ll need to craft some of the game’s best gear.

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    Where to Find Gorgimera, the Tricephalic Terror

    The location of the Tricephalic Terror hunt within the Dhalmekian Republic in Final Fantasy 16.

    You can start this hunt when you begin the main quest Across the Narrow. After that, head to the Dhalmekian Republic to track down your target. The multi-headed monster resides in the Velkroy Desert’s western quadrant. You can reach its spawn point either from the Velkroy Desert obelisk or the Dalimil Inn obelisk—although the latter is slightly faster.

    If you start from the Velkroy Desert obelisk, head east and loop around the canyon that’s to the south. Once you get to the Fallen ruins in the middle of this desert, go west until you spot the fearsome chimera.

    Alternatively, if you start from the Dalimil Inn obelisk, venture north out of the city before traveling west in an almost straight line. If you need a bit of help discovering this demon among the dunes, use the map image above as a reference to know exactly where you should go. Once you make it here, the Tricephalic Terror is in clear view. Get ready for a challenging battle.

    How to Beat Gorgimera, the Tricephalic Terror

    The Tricephalic Terror's Delta Attack.

    The Tricephalic Terror is a level 45 S-rank Notorious Mark. Make sure your level matches—or is close to 45—before battling this enemy unless you want to fight at a disadvantage.

    Much like Clive, the Tricephalic Terror uses a variety of elemental attacks. It can spew fire, hurl ice, and summon lightning pillars to attack you. It’s wise to become familiar with these moves, as doing so lets you dodge them easier. This is important considering the amount of damage this enemy can deal.

    • Delta Attack: With this attack, it summons three elemental pillars around Clive which then slowly converges toward the center. When it does, it causes a small explosion. Be sure to stay out of the circumference created by the pillars to avoid the explosion. You can also use this opportunity to get behind the enemy so you can land a few attacks of your own, as it remains stationary while using its Delta Attack.
    • Dragon’s Voice: The Tricephalic Terror summons circles of electricity around itself. Lightning then strikes these circles. Be sure to stay away from them as soon as the circles form. During this attack, you can approach the enemy and land some hits.
    • Ram’s Voice: When it does this, ice starts to form on the ground around it. This is then followed by huge ice shards erupting from below. You can dodge just before the ice erupts or you can stay away from it as soon as it appears.
    Sometimes Gorgimera immediately follows up Dragon’s Voice with Ram’s Voice, so don’t get greedy with your attacks!
    • Delta Force: This is similar to the Delta Attack, but there are four sets of pillars instead of one. The Tricephalic Terror begins to do this attack once its health gets below 50%. Employ the same strategy as when evading Gorgimera’s Delta Attack. Only this time, there are more circles to which you must pay attention.
    • Flame Breath: The Tricephalic Terror also occasionally spews fire at you. You can easily avoid this by dodging to either side. Then, you can approach the enemy for a series of attacks.
    • Ice Orbs: Gorgimera can launch three small ice blasts on the ground, which create circles of blue light wherever they land. Stay away from these, as small ice explosions follow a short while later.
    • Lightning Storm: Once in a while, this titanic chimera summons multiple pillars of lightning in a small area. These spots glow purple before the lightning strikes. Stay away from such spots to evade this attack.

    Aside from these, the beast swipes at you, lunges at you from the air, and occasionally fires other elemental attacks your way. Time your dodges properly and punish the fiend when you see a window of opportunity.

    Fight fire (ice and lightning) with fire…and other elements! The Tricephalic Terror tries to flex on you with its magic attacks but don’t let it show you up!

    As with many hunts, we found Garuda’s abilities to be some of the most helpful. Aerial Blast is a great way to deal passive damage and decrease the enemy’s Will Gauge. Once its Will Gauge drops below 50%, use Deadly Takedown to stun it. While your foe is stunned, unleash Gouge to cleave through the rest of its Will Gauge to stagger it.

    When Gorgimera is Staggered, you’re free to use charged attacks with no repercussions. For example, you can use Shiva’s Ice Age and Titan’s Windup at maximum power for big damage.

    The Tricephalic Terror Hunt Rewards

    The rewards Clive receives after completing the Tricephalic Terror hunt.

    You’ll receive the following rewards for completing the Tricephalic Terror hunt:

    • 15,000 Experience
    • 120 Ability Points
    • 20,000 Gil
    • 50 Renown
    • 1 Orichalcum

    The rewards for this hunt are more abundant than many other Notorious Marks, given its S-rank classification. The Orichalcum is a particularly notable one. The Tricephalic Terror is among the few Notorious Marks in the game that rewards you with this material. The Ruin Reawakened is another example. You can use this material to craft the game’s greatest gear, such as the best weapon in FF16 for your first playthrough: the Gotterdammerung.