High Summoner Braska atop Mt. Gagazet in Final Fantasy X.

Final Fantasy X: All Jecht Sphere Locations

Follow Braska's journey and pick up Auron's best Overdrives while you're at it.

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During your journey through the world of Spira in Final Fantasy X, you’ll come across a number of movie spheres. Collecting as many of these items as possible will provide you with bonus cutscenes and unlock powerful new Overdrives for Auron.

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    What are Jecht Spheres?

    In Final Fantasy X, spheres are items used by the people of Spira to record video and audio. The Jecht Spheres contain short cutscenes of Lord Braska’s journey to defeat Sin along with his two guardians, Auron and Jecht.

    There are 10 Jecht Spheres in total, though only eight of them are called Jecht Spheres. You’ll also find Auron’s Sphere and Braska’s Sphere to round out the set. You’ll need to backtrack to previous areas to find the majority of these items. This task is made monumentally easier in Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster, as you’re able to increase the game speed up to four times.

    You aren’t immediately able to collect the Jecht Spheres when you start a new game. They only become available after defeating Spherimorph in Macalania Woods as part of the main story.

    Catching glimpses of Yuna’s father’s legendary pilgrimage is a treat in itself, but collecting these spheres will also unlock each of Auron’s Bushido Overdrives. Shooting Star will unlock automatically after defeating Spherimorph. Banishing Blade will unlock after finding a viewing three Jecht Spheres, while Auron’s final Overdrive, Tornado, will only become available after finding and viewing all 10 of the items.

    Completing the set will also reward you with the Messenger from the Past achievement.

    Jecht Sphere #1

    Auron and Lulu discussing the first Jecht Sphere in Final Fantasy X.

    Upon defeating Spherimorph in Macalania Woods, you’ll be given the first Jecht Sphere as part of the game’s story. The footage will play automatically and all other Jecht Spheres around Spira will be unlocked. This will also unlock Auron’s second Overdrive, Shooting Star.

    Jecht Sphere #2

    Jecht Sphere 2 in Macalania Woods in Final Fantasy X.

    Return to the entrance to Macalania Woods from the Thunder Plains. Using the Save Sphere as a reference, head down the right fork. You’ll find the Jecht Sphere to your left.

    Jecht Sphere #3

    Jecht's Sphere 8 in the Thunder Plains in Final Fantasy X

    Head back to the first half of the Thunder Plains, or the South Section. In the center section of the map, you’ll find the Jecht Sphere sitting beneath the right tower. Watch this Sphere to get Auron’s third Overdrive, Banishing Blade.

    Jecht Sphere #4

    The location of the Jecht Sphere in the Moonflow in Final Fantasy X.

    Beside the shop in the South Bank Wharf area of the Moonflow, you’ll spot a Jecht Sphere on the ground to the right.

    Auron’s Sphere

    The location of Auron's Sphere at Mushroom Rock Road in Final Fantasy X

    Return to the Precipice on Mushroom Rock Road and head to where you spoke with Gatta and Luzzu. Auron’s Sphere can be found just outside the main lift to the staging area for Operation Mi’ihen.

    Jecht Sphere #5

    The location of the Jecht Sphere on the Mi'ihen Highroad in Final Fantasy X.

    You might want to hop on a Chocobo to snag this Jecht Sphere. Find it at the end of Oldroad, South, beside the treasure chest that contained the Mars Crest.

    Jecht Sphere #6

    The location of Jecht's Sphere 5 near the Auroch's locker room in Luca.

    Return to the Besaid Auroch’s locker room in Luca, located in Basement A of the Stadium. The sixth Jecht Sphere will be on the ground just outside the door.

    Jecht Sphere #7

    Jecht's Sphere 4 on the S.S. Liki.

    In Luca, return to the S.S. Winno and board it to return to Kilika. Once you arrive, speak with the NPC in front of the ship again to board the S.S.Liki to Besaid. You’ll find a Jecht Sphere on the floor behind the Captain on the bridge.

    Jecht Sphere #8

    The location of a Jecht Sphere in Besaid.

    Head back to where the pilgrimage began in Besaid. To the right of the temple, you’ll find a Jecht Sphere on the ground.

    If you decide to seek out this Jecht Sphere after you obtain the airship, you’ll have to defeat the incredibly powerful Dark Valefor to get it. We’d recommend backtracking to this point immediately after defeating the Spherimorph in Macalania Woods to avoid the headache.

    Braska’s Sphere

    The location of Braska's Sphere on Mt. Gagazet in Final Fantasy X.

    The final Sphere can be found after you continue with the main story. As you begin your ascent up Mt. Gagazet, Braska’s Sphere can be found near the first grave you find on the Mountain Trail portion of the climb. Continue down the short path to a dead end to retrieve your prize.

    Assuming you’ve collected every Sphere on this list, you’ll unlock Auron’s final Overdrive, Tornado.