Seymour summoning Anima during Final Fantasy X.

Final Fantasy X: How to Get Anima

This creepy Aeon doesn't just belong to Seymour.

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Key Takeaway

After getting every hidden treasure in all six Cloister of Trials, return to Baaj Temple using the coordinates (X: 11, Y: 57). After fighting and defeating Geosgaeno, enter the temple and activate all six statues to open the Chamber of the Fayth. Here, Yuna will recruit Anima.

During your storied travels across Spira in Final Fantasy X, Yuna will have the opportunity to add a few secret Aeons to her impressive arsenal–if you know where to look. Recruiting Seymour’s favored summon Anima, debatably the most powerful Aeon in the game, is certainly worth the time and effort.

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    About Anima

    Seymour summoning Anima in a cutscene in Final Fantasy X.

    Haunting in appearance, Anima first appears in Luca when Seymour summons the Aeon to defeat the many fiends which appear during the Blitzball final. She is the physical manifestation of Seymour’s mother in dream form and represents death and darkness.

    During the party’s time in the Zanarkand Ruins, it’s revealed that Seymour’s mother intended to become his Final Aeon in order to defeat Sin. However, Seymour chose never to fight Sin with Anima, instead sealing his mother’s fayth inside the abandoned Baaj Temple.

    Capable of breaking the damage limit immediately after being obtained, Anima has incredible potential if Yuna’s stats are high. Her ultimate attack is Oblivion, which hits all enemies on the field with non-elemental damage multiple times.

    Prerequisite for Getting Anima

    During the main story, Yuna will stop and pray at various temples around Spira in order to recruit new Aeons to her righteous cause. While she’s busy with that, Tidus must make his way through the Cloister of Trials in each of the six locations. This involves using specific spheres to open the way forward. In each Cloister, Tidus can also find a hidden piece of treasure by utilizing a Destruction Sphere found within the puzzle.

    In order to add Anima to your team, you must find all six pieces of hidden treasure–one in each Cloister.

    If you missed any treasures during your adventure, it’s possible to backtrack and get them. However, returning to Macalania Temple or Besaid Village later in the game will force to you fight Dark Shiva and Dark Valefor respectively, so it might be a good idea to snag them the first time around.

    Where to Get Anima

    After gaining access to the airship, you’ll want to return to Baaj Temple. To do this, input the following coordinates directly:

    X: 11
    Y: 57

    Before heading into the temple itself, you’ll have to fight Geosgaeno. Ensure that Wakka, Rikku, and Tidus are equipped with armor that protects against Death and Petrify, and taking him down should be a cinch. Note: When Geosgaeno ‘eats’ a party member, make sure to use the “Struggle” option to prevent the lost party member from attacking your other characters.

    Baaj Temple, where Yuna can obtain Anima, in Final Fantasy X.

    Inside Baaj Temple, you’ll find six statues–one for each piece of hidden treasure you’ve found within the Cloister of Trials. Touching them will cause them to light up. When all six are illuminated, continue on to enter the Chamber of the Fayth.

    Anima will be added to your roster after a brief cutscene in which Seymour’s mother agrees to lend Yuna her services to help defeat Sin. She reveals that she does not hate her son for the things he had done, and she sees her commitment to Yuna as a way to atone for not preparing Seymour for the many difficulties he experienced during his life.

    Getting Anima will unlock the “Feel the Pain” achievement in the Final Fantasy X HD Remaster.