The optional summon Yojimbo in Final Fantasy X.

Final Fantasy X: How to Get Yojimbo

Getting this Aeon will cost you.

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Key Takeaway

Ensure that you have at least 200,000 gil. After arriving in the Calm Lands, take the northern exit and go under the bridge to Mt. Gagazet to find the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth. After defeating Yojimbo in battle, you’ll need to barter with him to enlist his services.

As players journey across the lands of Spira in Final Fantasy X, Yuna will obtain Aeons that she can summon in battle. Five of these Aeons are obtained as part of the main story, but there are a few optional Aeons you can snag with a little extra patience–including Yojimbo.

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    About Yojimbo

    One of the “lost” Aeons, Yojimbo is a samurai of unparalleled strength. Clad in colorful robes and accompanied by his faithful dog Daigoro, he was likely stolen away from a temple by those who didn’t agree with summoners being forced to undertake their pilgrimage.

    Although Yojimbo’s standard attacks aren’t quite as powerful as other Aeons, he has extremely high evasion. Uniquely, he is unable to learn new abilities like other Aeons and the player does not directly control him. When summoned, you can pay him to attack. The more Gil you spend, the stronger Yojimbo’s attack will be. As you use Yojimbo in battle, he’ll also begin to grow more favorable of Yuna over time. How much he likes her will also impact which attack he chooses.

    The Aeon will perform one of four unique attacks in order of strength: Daigoro, Kozuka, Wakizashi, or Zanmato. His most powerful attack, Zanmato, will instantly kill any enemy in the game. Additionally, once Auron obtains and charges his Celestial Weapon, the Masamune, Yojimbo is able to exceed maximum damage.

    Where to Find Yojimbo

    Make sure to have around 200,000 Gil before seeking out Yojimbo. If you don’t have enough during your first pass through the area, you can come back at a later time.

    Yojimbo can be obtained after you reach the Calm Lands. Take the northern exit out of the sprawling area. Upon your first visit, you’ll have to take down a Defender X to continue.

    Following the battle, don’t continue across the bridge to Mt. Gagazet. Instead, take a right and go beneath the bridge to find a sprawling valley below. Continue to the left, past the Save Sphere, and into the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth.

    The outside of the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth in Final Fantasy X.

    This area is filled with enemies, one of which can be particularly troublesome. If you come across an enemy called the Magic Urn, be wary–attacking the correct eye will earn you a nice recovery item, but attacking the incorrect one will mean critical damage to your entire party. Tonberrys can also do plenty of damage if you aren’t careful.

    How to Get Yojimbo

    Make your way into the cavern. You’ll soon meet Lady Ginnem, an unsent summoner who will summon Yojimbo. Lulu has a tough time during this encounter, as she was previously the guardian of this lost soul.

    You’ll need to defeat Yojimbo to have a chance to summon him yourself. Although he has a high physical defense, his magical defense is poor. Summoning an Aeon is the quickest and easiest way to bring this samurai to his knees.

    Following the battle, step on the nearby teleport pad while facing north and press the action button to enter the Chamber of the Fayth. Here, you’ll meet Yojimbo’s human form, who will ask you what you want of him. Answer to defeat the most powerful of enemies.

    Yojimbo asking Tidas and Yuna an important question in Final Fantasy X.

    Now, you’ll need to get your wallet ready. Yojimbo will ask you to pay a total of 250,000 for his services, but luckily, you’re able to haggle him down a bit.

    • Offer 125,001 Gil. Yojimbo will counter, asking for 205,000 Gil.
    • Offer 112,501 Gil. Yojimbo will counter, asking for 202,500 Gil.
    • Offer 165,001 Gil. Yojimbo will counter, asking for 197,000 Gil. Accept this offer.
    Yuna and Tidus making an offering to hire Yojimbo in Final Fantasy X.

    If you happen to be rich, offering Yojimbo 615,000 Gil immediately will easily win his favor. It will also net you two highly sought-after Teleport Spheres.

    After adding Yojimbo to your Aeon roster, you’ll also get the It’s All About the Money achievement.