Final Fantasy XIV Fashion Report

Final Fantasy XIV: Everything You Need to Know About The Fashion Report

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Every Final Fantasy XIV player knows that the MMO isn’t about being powerful or skilled–it’s about being fashionable. Did you know that having a nice glamour can actually net you in-game currency and other rewards every week? Seriously!

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    What is the Fashion Report?

    The Fashion Report is a mini-game players can undertake every week by visiting the Manderville Gold Saucer.

    By speaking to an NPC named Masked Rose (X:7.2 Y:7.4), you’ll be shown a theme. Your job is to create an outfit based on that theme. Some items have specific clues, and the difficulty each week varies.

    Here’s an example:

    Fashion Report FFXIV example.

    New Fashion Report challenges unlock each Tuesday. You’ll have a few days to think it over, as judging doesn’t begin until Friday. Once you have your outfit ready, return to Masked Rose. After strutting your stuff, he’ll judge your outfit on a scale from 1 to 100. The higher the score, the better the prizes. (Don’t worry–we’ll help you get the best possible payout each time. Just keep reading!)

    How to Unlock the Fashion Report

    Players can unlock the Fashion Report as soon as they unlock the Gold Saucer. You can do this by completing the quest titled “It Could Happen to You” given by the Well-heeled Youth in Ul’dah (X:7.2 Y:7.4).

    Once you’ve arrived at the colorful Gold Saucer, find an NPC named Lewena. She’ll give you a simple quest called “Passion for Fashion.”

    FFXIV unlock Fashion Report.

    This will lead you to none other than the judge himself, Masked Rose.

    Bonus tip: Beside him, you’ll find an NPC named Kasumi, who sells a number of unique items. More and more items will be added to her shop the more you play Fashion Report, so be sure to check back each week!

    Tips & Tricks for Getting a High Score

    Each week, you can present yourself for judging four times. That means you have four attempts to get the highest score possible. If you play with friends or are active in a Free Company, it’s best to swap information and see if you can work with others to come up with the most accurate ensemble.

    Then again, if you’re not particularly social OR you don’t have a lot of time to participate in trial and error, one particular Twitter account is here to save the day. For years, a Twitter user by the name of KaiyokoStar has been providing a helpful Fashion Report chart each week.

    At the bottom of the chart, you can see how to achieve an easy 100 points or an easy 80 points.

    KaiyokoStar Fashion Report.

    Why wouldn’t you go for 100 points each week, you might ask? Getting 100 points–a perfect score–will reward players with a special title to use next to their names. After you get the “Fashion Leader” title, there’s no need to aim for a perfect score again. 80 points will give the same prize as 100 points!

    On each chart, note that certain pieces of equipment will need to be dyed a specific color. This can be easy to miss, so be sure to grab some dye from the Market Board or from an NPC vendor!

    While it’s easy to focus on more visible pieces of clothing like pants and hats, players need to be fully dressed to get the most points possible. Before presenting yourself for judging, make sure that every slot is filled except for your off-hand slot. Even missing a single ring will result in a lower score!

    Doing the Fashion Report early each week is a good idea. As the days progress and people start to figure out the correct pieces, certain items will surge in price on the Market Board. Be careful!

    While you can participate in the Fashion Report at Level 15, certain items can only be equipped by players who have reached higher levels. Before purchasing something to wear for judging, make sure you can equip it first!

    Why You Should Participate Weekly

    By participating in the Fashion Report, you’ll win 10,000 MGP (Manderville Gold Saucer Points). Even if you score 1 point, you’ll win 10,000!

    Those scoring 80 points or higher will win 50,000 MGP, along with the 10,000 MGP for participating.

    As mentioned above, scoring a perfect 100 points will earn you the title of “Fashion Leader.”

    MGP can be used to purchase a number of valuable items from the Gold Saucer, including glamour items, mounts, Triple Triad cards, hairstyles, emotes, minions, and much more! By playing Fashion Report each week, you’ll have enough MGP to buy even the most expensive items before you know it.

    We’ll see you Final Fantasy fashionistas in Eorzea!