Final Fantasy XIV: How to Catch an Apkallu of Paradise in Island Sanctuary

Learn how to bring this rare red bird home to roost.
An Apkallu of Paradise in Final Fantasy XIV's Island Sanctuary.

Key Takeaway

The Apkallu of Paradise will spawn daily between 12 PM and 3 PM Eorzean Time at X: 19, Y:11 regardless of the weather. Players can capture it using a Makeshift Net.

Patch 6.2 of Final Fantasy XIV introduced the Island Sanctuary, a location where players can capture and raise a variety of unique animals. The Apkallu of Paradise is a rare spawn that can catch here, but only under certain conditions.

Table Of Contents

    Which Tool is Needed to Catch an Apkallu of Paradise?

    To snag an Apkallu of Paradise, you’ll need the right tool. Despite being a rare spawn, you’ll only need a Makeshift Net to catch this beast.

    You’ll learn how to craft a Makeshift Net during the Island Sanctuary tutorial. The ingredients needed are:

    • 1 Island Branch
    • 2 Island Vines

    These items can easily be found around your island.

    How to Catch an Apkallu of Paradise

    The Apkallu of Paradise can only be found in a specific spot on the map. The coordinates are X:19, Y:11.

    The location is marked in red on the map below.

    Where to find an Apkallu of Paradise in Final Fantasy XIV.

    To catch this hard-to-find creature, you’ll need to head to this spot between the hours of 12 PM and 3 PM Eorzean Time. While some creatures require certain weather conditions to spawn, the Apkallu of Paradise will appear no matter what the weather is during the day.

    Click the Capture button on the Island Sanctuary HUD and select your Makeshift Net. Sneak up to the creature and right-click it to try to capture it. If you’re lucky, you’ll get it in one try. However, sometimes an animal will flee, meaning you’ll have to come back and try again.

    Feeding your Apkallu of Paradise daily can net you Sanctuary Eggs and Sanctuary Fleece, both of which can be used in cooking and crafting on your island.