Key art for Fire Emblem Engage for the Nintendo Switch.

Fire Emblem Engage: How to Recruit Every Character

Don't leave anyone out of a life of luxury in the Somniel.

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Fire Emblem Engage has plenty of characters to add to your roster, allowing you to mix and match your favorites to suit your playstyle. While most of these 35 characters will be added to your forces through the main story, a select few are entirely missable if you’re not careful.

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    Missable Characters

    As you embark on your quest to defeat Sombron, you’ll meet a number of characters eager to join your cause. Six of these characters are missable, and if you don’t pick them up at a certain time, you’ll miss out on them for the rest of the game.

    Jean, a missable character from Fire Emblem Engage, in her armor.

    Certain characters can be recruited during Paralogue battles. These are optional fights that appear on the map throughout the game. Others pop up during main story missions and must be spoken to during battle in order to invite them back to the Somniel.

    CharacterStarting ClassWhen & How to Recruit
    JeanMartial MonkChapter 6, Budding Tent Paralogue

    Chat with Jean during the battle. If you forget, he'll offer to join after the battle during a cutscene if he survives.
    AnnaAxe FighterChapter 7, Mysterious Merchant Paralogue

    Talk to her using Alear during the battle. She must survive the mission to join your ranks. If you fail to recruit her during the fight, she'll offer to join during a cutscene after.
    JadeAxe ArmorChapter 9.

    Speak to her on the battle map as quickly as possible using Alear or Diamant. (She will be defeated by enemies if you take too long.)
    SeadallDancerChapter 16.

    Chat with him after the main story's battle sequence.
    LindonSageChapter 18.

    Speak to him using Alear, Ivy, or Hortensia before he is defeated to recruit him to your army. Be careful not to kill him during battle--if you do, he is lost forever.
    SaphirWarriorChapter 19.

    Talk to her using Alear or Diamant during battle or after battle.

    Unmissable Characters

    These characters will be automatically recruited as you continue through the main story.

    Hortensia, an unmissable character from Fire Emblem Engage.
    CharacterStarting ClassChapter Recruited
    VanderPaladinChapter 1
    FrammeMartial MonkChapter 2
    ClanneMageChapter 2
    AlfredNobleChapter 3
    BoucheronAxe FighterChapter 3
    EtieArcherChapter 3
    CelineNobleChapter 4
    ChloeLance FlierChapter 4
    LouisLance ArmorChapter 4
    YunakaThiefChapter 6
    AlcrystLordChapter 7
    LapisSword FighterChapter 7
    CitrinneMageChapter 7
    DiamantLordChapter 7
    AmberPaladinChapter 8
    IvyWing TamerChapter 11
    KagetsuSwordmasterChapter 11
    ZelkovThiefChapter 11
    FogadoSentinelChapter 12
    BunetGreat KnightChapter 12
    PandreoHigh PriestChapter 12
    TimerraSentinelChapter 13
    MerrinWolf KnightChapter 13
    PanetteBerserkerChapter 13
    HortensiaWing TamerChapter 14
    GoldmaryHeroChapter 16
    RosadoWyvern KnightChapter 16
    MauvierRoyal KnightChapter 21
    VeyleFell ChildChapter 22

    DLC Characters

    Since its release in January 2023, Fire Emblem Engage has had four waves of DLC. The fourth added a new side story titled the Fell Zenologue, which includes five new playable characters. Three of these characters–Zelestia, Gregory, and Madeline–appeared in the main game as the group of villains called the Four Winds.

    These characters will join your team during various points in the Fell Zenologue story, but they won’t be customizable until they officially join your party after the conclusion of the DLC.
    Nel waking up the protagonist in Fire Emblem Engage.
    CharacterStarting ClassHow to Recruit
    ZelestiaMelusineComplete the Fell Xenologue
    GregorySageComplete the Fell Xenologue
    MadelineGeneralComplete the Fell Xenologue
    NelFell ChildComplete the Fell Xenologue
    NilFell ChildComplete the Fell Xenologue