How to climb in Gang Beasts.

Gang Beasts: How to Climb

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Key Takeaway

You can climb in Gang Beast by grabbing onto a wall and holding the Jump button. You can then let go of an arm and grab a higher ledge, and do the same on the other arm afterwards. Do this alternately to keep climbing.

You’ll often need to climb in Gang Beasts to navigate certain stages. or to move away or closer to enemies. This is somewhat of a maneuver in this game, and it can take a while to perfect.

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    Hold On For Dear Life to Climb

    To climb in Gang Beasts, you’ll need to time grabs and jumps right. This can be very wonky, but it honestly works when taking into account how the control feels and runs in this game.

    Climbing Slowly But Surely

    If you’re not used to climbing in Gang Beasts, you’ll want to pace yourself at first. You can go faster once you get used to the movement.

    Face the wall or surface you want to climb on. Then, press both grab buttons. While holding them, press and hold the Jump button.

    Climbing a wall in Gang Beasts.

    During this, you’ll see your character lifting upwards. Let go of one of your hands, then hold it again and it will reach upwards and grab a higher surface. Let go of the other hand and do the same process. Keep doing this and you’ll be able to climb successfully.

    Climbing in Gang Beasts.

    Eventually, you’ll be able to do this more quickly. You can also start climbing on a higher surface by jumping first towards it, then grabbing the wall while in mid-air.