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Genshin Impact: Every Main Character’s Age, Height, and Birthday

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Genshin Impact currently features more than 40 playable characters with at least three more on the way soon. Here is a collection of their profiles, including their estimated ages, approximate heights, and each of their birthdays.

Unfortunately, the only thing fans know for sure are their birthdays, as each are celebrated in the game when they roll around. However, some clever data miners on Reddit have guessed the heights and ages of most based on their model size and lore.

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    Genshin Impact Character Statistics

    Character NameBirthdayModel SizeEstimated HeightEstimated Age
    Albedo9/13Medium Male5’4″20
    Aloy4/4Medium Female5'4"18
    Amber8/10Medium Female5’4″18
    Arataki Itto6/1Tall Male6’4″24
    Barbara7/5Medium Female5’2″18
    Beidou2/14Tall Female5’6″24
    Bennett2/29Medium Male5’4″17
    Chongyun9/7Medium Male5’4″17
    Dainsleif??Tall Male6'0"500+
    Diluc4/30Tall Male6’1″22
    Diona1/18Small Female4’5″12
    Eula10/25Tall Female5’8″20
    Fischl5/27Medium Female5’0″16
    Ganyu12/2Medium Female5’3″3,000+
    Gorou5/18Medium Male5’3″20
    Hu Tao7/15Medium Female5’1″19
    Jean3/14Tall Female5’6″20
    Kaedehara Kazuha10/29Medium Male5'3"??
    Kaeya11/30Tall Male6’1″20
    Kamisato Ayaka9/28Medium Female5’2″20
    Kamisato Ayato3/26Tall Male6'0"25
    Keqing11/20Medium Female5’1″20
    Kiku Shinobu??Medium Female5’2″??
    Klee7/27Small Female4’2″Either 8 or 45 years old
    Kujou Sara7/14Tall Female5’8″22
    Lisa6/9Tall Female5’5″32
    Mona8/31Medium Female5’5″19
    Ningguang8/26Tall Female5’6″26
    Noelle3/21Medium Female5’2″15
    Qiqi3/3Small Female4’7″100+
    Raiden Shogun6/26Tall Female5’6″3,000+
    Razor9/9Medium Male5’5″16
    Rosaria1/24Tall Female 5’9″24
    Sangonomiya Kokomi2/22Medium Female5'3"18
    Sayu10/19Small Female4’6″18
    Shenhe3/10Tall Female5’5″??
    Sucrose11/26Medium Female5’2″18
    Tartaglia7/20Tall Male6’1″20
    Thoma1/9Tall Male6’0″25
    TravelerSame as the player'sMedium Female or Medium Male5’1″ or 5’4″500+
    Venti6/16Medium Male5’5″2,600+
    Xiangling11/2Medium Female5’1″14
    Xiao4/17Medium Male5’3″2,000+
    Xingqiu10/9Medium Male5’4″19
    Xinyan10/16Medium Female5’2″19
    Yae Miko6/27Tall Female5’5″500+
    Yanfei7/28Medium Female5’2″21
    Yelan??Medium Female5’2″??
    Yoimiya6/21Medium Female5’3″21
    Yun Jin5/21Medium Female5’1″19
    Zhongli12/31Tall Male6’1″6,000+


    Albedo from Genshin Impact.
    • Birthday: 9/13
    • Height: Medium Male, about 5’4″
    • Age: 20

    Albedo is a synthetic human created by a character named Rhinedottir. He works as the Chief Alchemist and Captain of the Investigation Team of the Knights of Favonius. He is closest to Sucrose, who is his assistant at his work, and he is always curious about everything around him. The name Albedo comes from the scientific term which is all about the study of how objects reflect the heat rays of the sun.

    As an introvert, Albedo spends most of his days in the Dragonspine area of Teyvat. He is an alchemical genius and a talented artist who illustrates for the writer Xingqiu.


    Aloy from Genshin Impact.
    • Birthday: 4/4
    • Height: Medium Female, about 5’4″
    • Age: 18

    Aloy was a special crossover five-star character in Genshin Impact to celebrate the new Horizon: Forbidden West release. In Horizon, Aloy is actually 5’6″ inches and was 18 in Zero Dawn. However, her model is a medium female model in Genshin Impact, which means she’s actually closer to 5’4″. The best guess is that this version of Aloy is also right around 18 or 19 years old as well.

    Other than Aloy, the Traveler is the only five-star character available outside of the Wish system. Aloy is a Hydro character with a bow that was also unique to her event; this event ended on November 24, 2021.


    Amber from Genshin Impact.
    • Birthday: 8/10
    • Height: Medium Female, about 5’4″
    • Age: 18

    Amber is the first character that the Traveler meets in Teyvat other than Paimon. She is a Knight of Favonius in the windy city of Mondstadt, and she is a caring and friendly law enforcement officer on the ground around town. She will teach the Traveler how to fly and help them get their flying license.

    Amber is a Pyro character that uses a bow. While she is great for a lot of puzzle-solving that requires Pyro attacks, she is not a very powerful character to have on teams during battle.

    Arataki Itto

    Arataki itto from Genshin Impact.
    • Birthday: 6/1
    • Height: Tall Male, about 6’4″
    • Age: 24

    Itto is a Geo character in Genshin Impact. He is part Red Oni, and he is also the leader of the Arataki Gang. He is one of the many characters added to the game during the Inazuma expansion. This competitive man is probably the tallest of all the current playable Genshin characters because of his mixed human-and-oni blood.

    Itto may look like an evil character, but he is unusually gentle and kind-hearted, unless someone starts disparaging the oni people.


    Barbara from Genshin Impact.
    • Birthday: 7/5
    • Height: Medium Female, about 5’2″
    • Age: 18

    Barbara is a religious figure and Jean’s little sister. She dreams of growing up to be a pop star and sing in front of hordes of fans. She is one of the guaranteed story characters; players just need to complete the story quest A Long Shot in Prologue Act III: Song of the Dragon and Freedom. Barbara is a strong healing character whose element is Hydro (water).

    This adorable support character is a Deaconess in the Church of Mondstadt, and is considered the Idol of Mondstadt by her adoring fans. It is said that her singing is so beautiful that it heals everyone within hearing distance.


    Beidou from Genshin Impact.
    • Birthday: 2/14
    • Height: Tall Female, about 5’6″
    • Age: 24

    Beidou is a powerful fighter and lighting (Electro) character in Genshin Impact. She can only be obtained through the wish system. Players meet her while trying to get to Inazuma; she is the fearless commander of the crew of The Crux, a large ship in Liyue.

    Also called the Uncrowned Lord of the Ocean by those who respect her power and fearlessness, she is the only captain willing to take her ship through the terrible storms and brave the unfriendly coasts of Inazuma.


    Bennet from Genshin Impact.
    • Birthday: 2/29
    • Height: Medium Male, about 5’4″
    • Age: 17

    Bennett is the unluckiest character in all of Teyvat. Born on Leap Day, he blames his birthday for all the ills that befall him. He is a young orphan who grew up in Mondstadt. His Pyro attacks are quick and deadly, making him a great addition to any team in need of some explosive fire damage.

    As unlucky as he is, Bennett is the one and only member of his adventuring group called Benny’s Adventure Team. While he has had help in the past, everyone has left his group when they see how unbelievably unlucky Bennett can really be.


    Chongyun from Genshin Impact.
    • Birthday: 9/7
    • Height: Medium Male, about 5’4″
    • Age: 17

    Although Chongyun is young, he is an accomplished exorcist from Liyue. He is said to be filled to the brim with too much positive or Yang energy, which leads him to be overly sensitive to heat in all of its forms. He therefore prefers cold foods and specializes in Cryo attacks. Chongyun is also incredibly gullible, and he is a close friend with the Hydro DPS named Xingqiu.


    • Birthday: ??
    • Height: Tall Male, about 6’0″
    • Age: 500+

    Dainsleif is one of the characters that have yet to be released, so his birthday is currently unknown. It is expected that his model will be a tall male model based on a few cutscenes where he is standing next to the male Traveler. Also, he recalls the fall of Khaenri’ah in detail, which means he is at least 500 years old.


    Diluc from Genshin Impact.
    • Birthday: 4/30
    • Height: Tall Male, about 6’1″
    • Age: 22

    Dulic is one of the most sought-after five-star units. He is a Pyro character that can put up huge damage numbers all by himself, making him a desirable and highly-rated addition to almost any team. The Traveler meets him when they travel to Dawn Winery which he owns. He is a wealthy gentleman with a pension for solving crime with his own brand of vigilante justice.


    Diona from Genshin Impact.
    • Birthday: 1/18
    • Height: Small Female, about 4’5″
    • Age: 12

    In spite of her young age, Diona is a bartender at the Cat’s Tail, a popular bar in Mondstadt. She watches her father become a drunk and ruined by alcohol, and she wants to take down all the bars in Mondstadt in response. So she joined the Cat’s Tail in hoping to make gross-tasting drinks to drive people away from the habit, but everyone seems to love her drinks instead. Most of her anger is turned toward Diluc who has gotten wealthy off of other people’s drinking habits.

    She is said to have small traces of non-human in her bloodline, and it shows in her powerful Cryo bow attacks.


    Eula from Genshin Impact.
    • Birthday: 10/25
    • Height: Tall Female, about 5’8″
    • Age: 20

    Eula is a captain in the ranks of the Knights of Favonius, and she is a Cryo Claymore user. She runs the Reconnaissance Company inside Mondstadt. While she is a descendant of the Lawrence Clan, she is a kind person who is close to Amber and Yanfei.

    Eula abandoned her clan and her last name in response to knowing what her ancestors did; she works to distance herself from her family’s tyrannical, old power ways and make her own in the City of Wind.


    Fischl from Genshin Impact.
    • Birthday: 5/27
    • Height: Medium Female, about 5’0″
    • Age: 16

    Fischl is an investigator for the Adventure’s Guild of Mondstadt. She is a strong bow user with Electo powers, and she is always accompanied by her companion in battle, a raven by the name of Oz. Like the Traveler, Fischl appears to be from another world and calls herself the Prinzessin der Verurteilung of the outer realm Immernachtreich.

    This Electro lady is able to see through the eyes of her raven familiar which gives her an edge over other investigators for the Guild.


    Ganyu from Genshin Impact.
    • Birthday: 12/2
    • Height: Medium Female, about 5’3″
    • Age: 3,000+

    Ganyu is a Cryo user and secretary to the Liyue Qixing. She is a half-human, half-archon that is thousands of years old. She is quiet, calm, and somewhat forgetful due to her age. Her work schedule is always packed, meaning she has little time to make friends or even leave work to sleep.

    While her horns are a sign of her mixed blood, she is very sensitive about them and becomes flustered if anyone mentions them to her.


    Gorou from Genshin Impact.
    • Birthday: 5/18
    • Height: Medium Male, about 5’3″
    • Age: 20

    The Leader of the Watatsumi Army and loyal supporter of Sangonomiya Kokomi is a kitsune named Gorou. He may be young, but he is trusted with some of the most important military coups. While he can be a little hot-headed, this young soldier is certainly going places.

    Gorou has dog blood in him, and you can see this in the way his dog-like ears move and how he wags his tail when happy. He is also able to communicate with dogs as well.

    Hu Tao

    Hu Tao from Genshin Impact.
    • Birthday: 7/15
    • Height: Medium Female, about 5’1″
    • Age: 19

    Hu Tao is the current leader of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor in Liyue. She is young but very skilled at both Pyro attacks and the Polearm. While she can be a prankster, she takes her job and the last rites of her clients very seriously.

    She is also a talented poet “whose many ‘masterpieces’ have passed around Liyue’s populace by word of mouth,” according to miHoYo’s official description of Hu Tao.


    Jean from Genshin Impact.
    • Birthday: 3/14
    • Height: Tall Female, about 5’6″
    • Age: 20

    Jean is a Mondstadt Knight and an Anemo (wind) DPS. She has a younger sister, Barbara, who is a Deaconess of the Church. She is Acting Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius and part of the Gunnhildr Clan. Jean is a powerful figure in the City of Wind, and she takes her duties very seriously, sometimes even to the point of exhausting herself.

    When he was still part of the Knights, Diluc was her senior officer, and the two of them still get along. Jean still calls him her superior out of habit, and she is one of the few Knights that Diluc has any respect left for.

    Kaedehara Kazuha

    Kaedehara Kazuha from Genshin Impact.
    • Birthday: 10/29
    • Height: Medium Male, about 5’3″
    • Age: ??

    Kaedehara Kazuha is a samurai and currently part of Beidou’s crew on the Crux. He is a descendant of the Kaedehara Clan in Inazuma. While he seems happy-go-lucky, Kazuha carries heavy burdens on his shoulders. He is both friendly and well-spoken and has a pension for the outdoors, traveling, and adventures, which runs counter to the culture of Inazuma.

    This samurai is an Anemo sword user that was once a part of the Watatsumi Army. Kazuha is a five-star character that can only be had through the Wish system.


    Kaeya from Genshin Impact.
    • Birthday: 11/30
    • Height: Tall Male, about 6’1″
    • Age: 20

    Kaeya is the Cavalry Captain of the Knights of Favonius, and he is famous around Mondstadt. He’s a guaranteed get during the prologue, during a story quest called Crash Course. He is the adopted brother of the Ragnvindr Family, making him Diluc’s brother by adoption.

    Kaeya is one of Jean’s most trusted advisors, and players will get to know both him and the other Knights fairly early in the story. Kaeya is also a Cryo character and a fairly powerful four-star sword user.

    Kamisato Ayaka

    Kamisato Ayaka from Genshin Impact.
    • Birthday: 9/28
    • Height: Medium Female, about 5’2″
    • Age: 20

    Added during the Inazuma expansion to Genshin Impact, Ayaka is a Cryo user with some useful moves. She can burrow under the ground and move through it with her Cryo powers, making her a desirably five-star to wish for. The Traveler meets her during the Inazuma storyline. She is both the eldest daughter of the Kamisato Clan of the Yashiro Commission and the White Heron Princess, making her an important person in the closed-off world of Inazuma.

    Kamisato Ayato

    Kamisato Ayato from Genshin Impact.
    • Birthday: 3/26
    • Height: Tall Male, about 6’0″
    • Age: 25

    Ayato is Ayaka’s older brother, making him yet another child of the Kamisato Clan of the Yashiro Commission. He is their current leader and therefore spends most of his time dealing with the needs of the Yashiro Commission. He is dedicated to his family and his people.

    He is one of the newest characters in the Genshin world; he became playable in March 2022. This five-star sword user has all Hydro-based powers.


    Keqing from Genshin Impact.
    • Birthday: 11/20
    • Height: Medium Female, about 5’1″
    • Age: 20

    This head-strong electro user thinks the future should be led by humans themselves and not predetermined by the adepti. She is an admirer of the Rex Lapis when he steps down from his post as ruler of Liyue, handing over much of his power to the human council that she is a part of. Keqing is the Yuheng of the Liyue Qixing in Liyue, making her a powerful figure in local politics.

    Kiku Shinobu

    • Birthday: ??
    • Height: Medium Female, about 5’2″
    • Age: ??

    Kiku is an upcoming playable character in Genshin Impact. She is a close compatriot to Arataki Itto and part of the Arataki Gang. She comes from a long line of shrine maidens but has decided to find her own way in the world. The Arataki Gang was a good place for her, as they mostly let her do as she wants. Little is known about this character since she has yet to be released.


    Klee from Genshin Impact.
    • Birthday: 7/27
    • Height: Small Female, about 4’2″
    • Age: Either 8 or 45 years old.

    Klee is still considered a child, but some sources indicate that her kind ages in a different way than humans do. While miHoYo has yet to divulge anyone’s ages, Klee’s seems to have some of the weirdest fan theories around hers. Klee is an official Knight of Favonius in spite of her youth, entrusted to the order by her wandering parents.

    She may be young, but Klee is a massive fan of fire and explosives. She spends a lot of her free time thinking up new ways to blow things up.

    Kujou Sara

    Kujou Sara from Genshin Impact.
    • Birthday: 7/14
    • Height: Tall Female, about 5’8″
    • Age: 22

    Kujou Sara is the right-hand lady of the Shogun. She was adopted into the Kujou Clan of the Tenryou Commission, and she is completely loyal to both her clan and Raiden Shogun. Sara is not human, however; she is one of the tengu of Inazuma, and she uses her electric powers to guard her sovereign. She spends a lot of time taking Visions from the gifted in Inazuma.

    Sara might be just a four-star, but her Electro Bow powers make her a coveted unit. She can only be gotten through the Wish system.


    Lisa from Genshin Impact.
    • Birthday: 6/9
    • Height: Tall Female, about 5’5″
    • Age: 32

    Lisa is a human mage who works in the massive libraries of Mondstadt. She is both lazy and flirty, and she deals out some harsh punishments for those who don’t return their library books on time. She is a free four-star unit; players just need to complete The Outlander Who Caught the Wind during Sparks Amongst the Pages in the Prologue.

    Her Electro vision gives her massive amounts of knowledge, and she is a great ranged Electro user for early-game parties.


    Mona from Genshin Impact.
    • Birthday: 8/31
    • Height: Medium Female, about 5’5″
    • Age: 19

    Mona is a mage and an astrologist living in Mondstadt. She is an incredibly powerful one, too; Mona is able to tell a lot about people, including their personalities and whether or not they are lying. Of all the characters in Genshin, she is the least capable with finances, spending all her Mora on astrology tools and books without any thought to how she will live and eat.

    Mona used to live elsewhere with her master until she angered them by reading their private diary. She now stays in Mondstadt to avoid coming into contact with them again.


    Ningguang from Genshin Impact.
    • Birthday: 8/26
    • Height: Tall Female, about 5’6″
    • Age: 26

    As the Tianquan of the Liyue Qixing and the owner of the Jade Chamber that floats above Liyue, Ningguang is one of the most powerful and influential figures in Liyue. Her whole life is about influencing the markets of Liyue for her own gain, and she is massively wealthy as a result. This Geo character seems cold at first, but she is the first to step up and sacrifice anything in order to save her beloved hometown.

    Ningguang can be gotten both through the wish system in Genshin Impact, and Bargains on occasion.


    Noelle from Genshin Impact.
    • Birthday: 3/21
    • Height: Medium Female, about 5’2″
    • Age: 15

    The Geo Claymore user is a young maid knight that is ready to serve. She hopes to one day be brave enough and strong enough to join the Knights in Mondstadt. Her youth and willingness to help are both assets to her character, but also can be major downsides as well, as she has a hard time saying no to anyone in need.

    Noelle is a four-star unit, and her Geo powers include a shell that blocks all damage. She is a fairly easy-to-get unit, as players can get her through wishes and Bargains.


    Qiqi from Genshin Impact.
    • Birthday: 3/3
    • Height: Small Female, about 4’7″
    • Age: 100+

    Qiqi is a zombie child that was resurrected by the adepti in Liyue. She serves as an employee of Bubu Pharmacy under Baizhu. While she has some incredible powers as a five-star unit and she has been blessed with immortality, she has a hard time forming her own thoughts or doing much of anything with explicit orders from someone else.

    She has almost no memories, so Qiqi carries around a notebook so she can write down everything she hopes to remember in the future.

    Raiden Shogun

    Raiden Shogun from Genshin Impact.
    • Birthday: 6/26
    • Height: Tall Female, about 5’6″
    • Age: 3,000+

    Raiden is also known as Beelzebul and the Electro Archon of Inazuma. She is a powerful god and is thought to be the incarnation of Lightning. She is ruled completely by her other self, who is known as Ei. Raiden is merely a shell for Ei to rule her people, and she is more of a puppet than a real person.

    Both Ei and Raiden are obsessed with the idea of living forever, and they are both therefore afraid of change.


    Razor from Genshin Impact.
    • Birthday: 9/9
    • Height: Medium Male, about 5’5″
    • Age: 16

    Razor is a boy raised by the wolves that live around Wolvendom, Mondstadt. He is motivated only by wanting to keep his wolf family safe, but he has begun integrating back into human society after meeting Varka one day in the woods.

    This four-star Electro user can only be had through wishes, but he does have a short storyline that players will come across in Wolvendom when taking on the Wolf of the North for the first time.


    Rosaria from Genshin Impact.
    • Birthday: 1/24
    • Height: Tall Female, about 5’9″
    • Age: 24

    Rosaria is described on the miHoYo official Genshin site as “a sister in Mondstadt’s Church of Favonius… though you wouldn’t know it if it weren’t for her attire.” In spite of her position in the Church, this Cryo polearm user doesn’t attend church functions or activities and has her own, unique ideas of what it means to be pious. Her clothing, while based on the church’s standard uniform, is one she created herself.

    Sangonomiya Kokomi

    Sangonomiya Kokomi from Genshin Impact.
    • Birthday: 2/22
    • Height: Medium Female, about 5’3″
    • Age: 18

    Sangonomiya Kokomi is a Divine Priestess of Watatsumi Island in Inazuma. As a priest and a descendant of the Sangonomiya Clan, Kokomi feels it is her duty to serve the people of Watatsumi to gain their freedom.

    This workaholic runs just about everything in daily life on the island, though she would have preferred a more military job for herself. Kokomi is a Hydro catalyst user, and she was added to the game all the way back in September 2021.


    Sayu from Genshin Impact.
    • Birthday: 10/19
    • Height: Small Female, about 4’6″
    • Age: 18

    Sayu is a ninja from the Shuumatsuban who wishes she was taller. Her small stature is a sticking point for her. She tries to sleep as often as possible in hopes that the extra rest will help her to gain the energy to grow to a proper height. Although she is trained in fighting, her tiny size makes her a very good spy.


    Shenhe from Genshin Impact.
    • Birthday: 3/10
    • Height: Tall Female, about 5’5″
    • Age: ??

    Shenhe is a Cryo character in Genshin Impact. She was raised by Liyue’s Adeptus called Cloud Retainer after her father, a renowned exorcist, attempted to sacrifice her to reanimate his wife. In spite of being human, she finds that people worship her like an adepti, something that makes her uncomfortable.

    Shenhe is also a five-star character that can only be gotten through the Wish system. She is a polearm user whose special dish is Heartstring Noodles.


    Sucrose from Genshin Impact.
    • Birthday: 11/26
    • Height: Medium Female, about 5’2″
    • Age: 18

    Sucrose is an alchemist and assistant for Albedo in the Knights of Favonius. She is an Anemo DPS and catalyst user. She is all about trying to figure out all the secrets of life and using bio-alchemy to alter living things for the better.

    While only a four-star unit, Sucrose is a great addition to any lineup. She can make for a great member of a lot of teams. One of her moves, which summons a Wind Spirit, can also pick up other elements to deal additional damage of that type.


    Tartaglia from Genshin Impact.
    • Birthday: 7/20
    • Height: Tall Male, about 6’1″
    • Age: 20

    Tartaglia is also known as Childe, and players are forced to fight his multi-elemental self while in Liyue. He is the 11th Fatui Harbinger, and he finds himself ready and willing to take the Traveler and all their companions. That being said, if players can get him through a Wish, he is a massively competent Hydro bow user that is great for a lot of teams.

    While he seems carefree and silly and dearly loves his family, Childe is serious about fighting, and even more serious about winning those fights.


    Thoma from Genshin Impact.
    • Birthday: 1/9
    • Height: Tall Male, about 6’0″
    • Age: 25

    Players come face to face with Thoma for the first time when they cross the border into Inazuma. He is a Pyro character with a pension for mischief. While he originally came from Mondstadt, he’s made a home for himself in the Electro islands.

    Thoma works closely with the whole of the Kamisato Clan, but he is especially close to Ayaka. He spends most of his time attempting to help others and trying to fix the world around him.

    Traveler (Aether and Lumine)

    • Birthday: ??
    • Height: Medium Female, about 5’1″, or Medium Male, about 5’4″
    • Age: ??

    The Traveler comes from another plane of existence, so attempting to put a timeline on their lives is nearly impossible. That being said, they were around for the Cataclysm, which was around 500 years ago in Teyvat. And that doesn’t include all the years the twins spent wandering worlds and planes before that. This is a unique playable character in Genshin Impact as the Traveler is able to absorb the local god’s powers from Statues of the Seven, giving them rotating powers of all available elements.


    Venti from Genshin Impact.
    • Birthday: 6/16
    • Height: Medium Male, about 5’5″
    • Age: 2,600+

    Venti is the god of Mondstadt, also know as Barbatos or the Anemo Archon. He likes drinking and music, and he is a powerful Anemo character in the game. He resides in the city, and he is a favorite bard among its people. He’s won the title of Most Popular Bard in the city several times.

    Venti is also a very coveted five-star unit, wanted for his movement abilities both in and out of combat.


    Xiangling from Genshin Impact.
    • Birthday: 11/2
    • Height: Medium Female, about 5’1″
    • Age: 14

    Xiangling is a fiery, wandering chef with a passion for tasty cuisine. She carries around an exploding teddy bear-like red panda friend named Guoba. She is head chef at the Wanmin Restaurant along with her father, and she lives to serve delicious foods from all over Teyvat.

    Unlike many of the other Genshin Impact characters, she can be gotten for free by completing Floor 3 in Chamber 3 of the Spiral Abyss. She is a four-star Pyro unit that uses a polearm.


    Xiao from Genshin Impact.
    • Birthday: 4/17
    • Height: Medium Male, about 5’3″
    • Age: 2,000+

    Xiao, also known as Alatus, is an adeptus from Liyue. He is the last surviving member of the Yakshas that were sent to get rid of the demons that plagued Liyue.

    Xiao is also a five-star unit and Anemo (air) polearm user. He lives in the Wangshu Inn in Liyue and is a big fan of their Almond Tofu recipe.


    Xingqiu from Genshin Impact.
    • Birthday: 10/9
    • Height: Medium Male, about 5’4″
    • Age: 19

    Xingqiu is both a family member of the Guild Manager of the Feiyun Commerce Guild and a voracious reader. This five-star Hydro unit is all about swordplay, good books, and sometimes even writing his own stories. He is known to be both adventurous and incredibly polite and well-mannered.

    This character meets the Traveler fairly early in the Liyue storyline, and he is close friends of Hu Tao and Chongyun.


    Xinyan from Genshin Impact.
    • Birthday: 10/16
    • Height: Medium Female, about 5’2″
    • Age: 19

    While rock music isn’t super popular in Liyue, that doesn’t stop Xinyan from rocking out whenever possible. Equipped with a powerful guitar that is Pyro-powered, this four-star Claymore user is just as much at home bashing heads as she is up on stage. Xinyan has quite the fanbase where she performs in Liyue Harbor.

    In spite of her popularity and skill with her guitar, Xinyan has had no formal training, and she’s all about making music as she goes along. She is fiery, intimidating, and quite the spectacle to see on the stage or off.

    Yae Miko

    Yae Miko from Genshin Impact.
    • Birthday: 6/27
    • Height: Tall Female, about 5’5″
    • Age: 500+

    Yae Miko is the head of the Grand Narukami Shrine in Inazuma. She is editor-in-chief of the Yae Publishing House as well. Players met her during their first incursions into Inazuma, but she wasn’t a playable character until February of this year. She is a tall, Electro catalyst user, and a five-star unit in Genshin Impact.

    Miko, like many of the other playable characters, is of mixed heritage; she has Kitsune blood in her background. She is a big fan of literature and a very serious priestess of her order.


    Yanfei from Genshin Impact.
    • Birthday: 7/28
    • Height: Medium Female, about 5’2″
    • Age: 21

    Yanfei is a very successful legal advisor in Liyue. She is half Adeptus, half human, but she doesn’t see herself as above other humans. She has memorized all of Liyue’s many laws and is even well versed in the laws of most of the other nations of Teyvat. Her ability to remember and recall laws verbatim has made her an asset to her many clients around the world.

    Yefei may be only a four-star unit, but she is a strong catalyst Pyro character with a lot of unique moves.


    • Birthday: ??
    • Height: Medium Female, about 5’2″
    • Age: ??

    Yelan is a brand-new character on Genshin Impact‘s list of playable characters. She is the owner of the Yanshang Teahouse and claims to also work for the Ministry of Civil Affairs. She loves spicy foods and dislikes sweets. This Hydro character is a bow user, and a five-star to boot.


    Yoimiya from Genshin Impact.
    • Birthday: 6/21
    • Height: Medium Female, about 5’3″
    • Age: 21

    Yoimiya is the troublemaker of Inazuma. She opposes the Vision laws of the land and helps people to get back their Visions whenever possible. This Pyro bow user is the owner of Naganohara Fireworks, and fireworks are an important part of her powers. Youmiya is an Inazuma native and talented pyrotechnician; she is also a five-star unit that can only be earned through Wishes.

    Yun Jin

    Yunjin from Genshin Impact.
    • Birthday: 5/21
    • Height: Medium Female, about 5’1″
    • Age: 19

    Jin is not just a polearm Geo character in Genshin Impact; she is also a popular entertainer and brewer for the Heyu Tea House. She lives in Liyue and is the current director of the Yun-Han Opera Troupe. Her passion is writing plays and performances, but she also enjoys more modern music and performances as well. She never misses a concert by Xinyan when possible.

    Yun Jin is a four-star Geo character that can only be found through the Wish system.


    Zhongli from Genshin Impact.
    • Birthday: 12/31
    • Height: Tall Male, about 6’1″
    • Age: 6,000+

    Zhongli is Morax and the Archon of Liyue. His massive powers come from a long life; he is one of the oldest archons and has amassed plenty of power and Mora. He is a consultant at the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor. He has decided to give up his position as archon in favor of living as a mortal does. Although he was a god long before the Seven existed, he no longer wants to rule from on high, but to experience life differently.