The Shrine of Ash in Ghost of Tsushima.

Ghost of Tsushima: Shrine of Ash Guide

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Key Takeaway

To solve the Shrine of Ash puzzle, equip the Sakai Clan armor in front of the Shrine, and then draw your blade.

There’s a place in Ghost of Tsushima: Iki Island expansion called the Shrine of Ash. The shrine itself is a puzzle that’s an obvious reference to another PlayStation IP. Its solution, however, is not as forthcoming.

Table Of Contents

    Where to Find the Shrine of Ash

    The Shrine of Ash is located in the northern region of Yahata Forest, southeast of Fort Sakai. Travel from the south and make your way to the area marked below.

    The location of the Shrine of Ash in Ghost of Tsushima.

    How to Solve the Shrine of Ash Puzzle

    The scroll at the shrine says the following:

    “In fall, a tree fruits which grows from seed to sapling, a stranger and son. Boy, honor your father’s fight. Show him the strength of your blade.”

    This is a nod to God of War, another one of Sony’s popular video games.

    Solving this puzzle is very easy if you’ve already finished Act Two of the base game. Otherwise, you may need to progress that first and come back here later.

    To complete the Shrine of Ash puzzle, you’ll need to equip the Sakai Clan armor. You’ll automatically get this armor after you complete the “Ghost from the Past” main quest during Act Two of the base game.

    If you already have this armor, you must simply equip this armor while facing the shrine. Then, draw your katana by swiping right using your touchpad. Watch the scene unfold.

    Solving the Shrine of Ash puzzle in Ghost of Tsushima.

    Shrine of Ash Reward

    Once done, you’ll complete the Shrine of Ash puzzle and earn the Helm of War helmet, Spartan mask, and Ghost of Sparta skin for the Sakai Clan armor.

    Jin wearing the Sakai Clan armor with the Ghost of Sparta skin.