God of War Ragnarok Demise of Dagestr Treasure Map.

God of War Ragnarök: Demise of Dagestr Treasure Map Guide

Hop around the realms to hunt down this treasure.

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Key Takeaway

To find the treasure, head to Midgard’s Lake of Nine Mystic Gateway. Then, go a short way west and climb into a cave underneath Baldur’s dead dragon. Here, you’ll find the rewards of the Demise of Dagestr treasure map.

The Demise of Dagestr treasure map works a bit differently from others in God of War Ragnarök. Its map is found in Svartalfheim, however, the treasure is located somewhere else. You need to pay close attention to the visual hint.

Table Of Contents

    Go to the Lake of Nine in Midgard

    Lake of Nine Mystic Gateway on the map.

    As you may be able to guess from the snowy scene depicted in the treasure map hint, you need to head to chilly ol’ Midgard. Start from the Lake of Nine Mystic Gateway for the quickest route to the treasure.

    Go West From the Mystic Gateway

    Kratos sledding west in Midgard.

    Once you reach Midgard, go a bit west. You want to get just to the other side of the frozen old gateway temple. Keep your eyes peeled for a cave—it’s very close!

    Kratos looking at a ledge that leads into a cave.

    Right next to the base of the frozen old gateway temple, you will see a short ledge. This leads into the cave with the treasure. Above it, you can see the remains of the dragon that once served Baldur.

    Enter the Cave

    Treasure under Baldur's dead dragon.

    At the end of the short cave, you find the glowing golden bubble that indicates the treasure’s location. It is right underneath the head of the dead dragon. Don’t worry, as there is no trap here. The dragon doesn’t come back to life or anything like that. Loot the glowing spot and you will get your rewards!

    What the Treasure Is

    Kratos looking at a button prompt to uncover treasure.

    Here’s what you get when you dig up the Demise of Dagestr treasure:

    • Petrified Bone (2)
    • Luminous Alloy (2)
    • Asgardian Ingot (2)
    • Shattered Rune (40)
    • Kratos XP (50)
    • Helheim’s Force (Amulet Enchantment)

    What Helheim’s Force Does

    Helheim’s Force is an enchantment that gives you 12 Strength and 3 Vitality when equipped. If it is equipped along with at least two other Helheim enchantments, you get a set bonus that increases your melee damage when you are below 50% health based on your Vitality stat.