Kratos finding the hidden treasure and completing the favor.

God of War Ragnarök: Mining Glory Treasure Map Guide

It's time to head back into The Applecore for more treasure!

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Key Takeaway

From The Applecore Mystic Gateway, go south into the mines. After crossing a few gaps, follow the minecart tracks down to the brightly lit location where the treasure is found.

Hopefully, you like exploring mineshafts, as you need to do so to find the Mining Glory treasure. Head down into The Applecore to find more God of War Ragnarök loot. Keep your eyes peeled for the goods!

Table Of Contents

    Start From The Applecore Mystic Gateway

    Kratos and Freya standing near a Mystic Gateway.

    If you haven’t done so already, head back to The Applecore and Jarnsmida Pitmines. For efficiency, it’s best to start from the Mystic Gateway within The Applecore. However, this is not necessary, as you can reach the treasure’s location by heading north from the Aurvangar Wetlands.

    With that said, once you’ve reached this Mystic Gateway, head south to begin your quest for the Mining Glory treasure.

    Kratos jumping down to a spear stuck in a wall.

    There is a spear stuck in the wall from when you came here via the Sverd Sands elevator. Jump across it and walk up to the large door. After you pass through the big doorway, leap down the ledge to the right and face the grapple point over the blue waters.

    A grapple point over the blue water.

    Swing across this watery gap with the help of the Blades of Chaos. From there, turn south and pass under the small opening. This brings you to some tracks leading up a short incline.

    Kratos looking at minecart tracks leading south.

    Follow the Minecart Tracks Downward

    Kratos looking at a forked path.

    Walk up the tracks but do not grapple to the ledge above. You want to walk under it to get to a forked path. Follow the minecart tracks downward (to the right) and you will approach the Mining Glory treasure.

    Kratos looking at another forked path.

    Once you get around the next bend, there is another forked path. Thankfully, the path to the left (without the tracks) leads directly to the treasure.

    The exact spot of the Mining Glory treasure.

    On the part of the path that is illuminated in bright light, there is a Circle button prompt over a small pile of white dirt. In the glaring difference between shadows and light, it can be hard to see the exact spot of the treasure. However, once you step close enough, you can see the button prompt.

    What Is the Mining Glory Treasure?

    Here’s a breakdown of what you get when you dig up the Mining Glory treasure:

    • Petrified Bone (1)
    • Luminous Alloy (1)
    • Asgardian Ingot (1)
    • Shattered Rune (40)
    • Kratos XP (50)
    • Muspelheim’s Blessing (an Amulet of Yggdrasil Enchantment)