Fully upgrading the Blades of Chaos in God of War Ragnarok.

God of War Ragnarök: How to Fully Upgrade the Blades of Chaos

The Blades of Chaos is a powerful weapon. It can be even more powerful when it's fully upgraded.

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Making its appearance again in God of War Ragnarök, the Blades of Chaos is perhaps Kratos’ most iconic weapon. Give this weapon the credit it deserves by fully upgrading it, bringing out its full destructive potential.

The Blades of Chaos is upgraded by collecting Chaos Flames. You can obtain some of these through the main story, but you’ll have to earn the rest by doing certain side quests.

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    Chaos Flame #1

    Fighting a Dreki in God of War Ragnarok.

    You fight a Dreki during The Quest for Tyr main quest in Svartalfheim. Defeat this boss to earn one Chaos Flame.

    Chaos Flame #2

    Kratos fighting a Forest Ancient in Vanaheim.

    Defeat the Forest Ancient in The Reckoning main quest in Vanaheim to earn another Chaos Flame.

    Chaos Flame #3

    Fighting a Frost Phantom in Midgard.

    Defeat the Frost Phantom in The Word of Fate main quest in Midgard and you’ll earn another Chaos Flame.

    Chaos Flame #4

    Fighting two Drekis at once in God of War Ragnarok.

    You fight two Drekis at once during the Creatures of Prophecy main quest in Vanaheim. After defeating the two bosses, you’ll earn one Chaos Flame.

    Chaos Flame #5

    Fighting two Soul Eaters in Muspelheim.

    You fight two Soul Eaters during The Summoning main quest in Muspelheim. You’ll receive a Chaos Flame after this encounter.

    Chaos Flame #6

    The location of the Berserker in The Sinkhole.

    Defeat the Berserker in The Sinkholes in Vanaheim to earn one more Chaos Flame. The Berserker Gravestone is right across The Sinkholes Mystic Gateway.

    Chaos Flame #7

    Kratos participating in the Muspelheim Trials.

    Complete all six Muspelheim Trials in The Crucible. After this, the Nornir Chest in the area will open. Loot it to obtain a Chaos Flame.

    Chaos Flame #8

    There are items in the game called Chaos Sparks. There are six of them in total. When all of them are brought together, they form one Chaos Flame.

    These Chaos Sparks are obtained by clearing all six Draugr Holes found scattered throughout the game. Here’s where you’ll find them.

    Chaos Spark 1

    The location of the Draugr Hole in The Watchtower.

    There’s one Draugr Hole in The Watchtower in Svartlafheim.

    Chaos Spark 2

    The Draugr Hole in The Applecore.

    There’s another Draugr Hole in Svartfalfheim, found in The Applecore region.

    Chaos Spark 3

    The Draugr Hole in The Barrens.

    You can find a Draugr Hole in the western section of The Barrens in Alfheim.

    Chaos Spar 4

    The location of the Draugr Hole in Midgard.

    There’s one Draugr Hole in Midgard, in a cavern found on the side of the road leading up to the King’s Grave.

    Chaos Flame 5

    The Draugr Hole in the Abandoned Village.

    One Draugr Hole in Vanaheim is found in the Abandoned Village, in a cave behind a waterfall.

    Chaos Flame 6

    The Draugr Hole in The Crater.

    The second Draugr Hole in Vanaheim can be found in the northern section of The Crater. Before you can access the beach where the Draugr Hole is on, you’ll first need to complete the Return of the River favor. This favor will allow you to traverse The Crater via a boat.