God of War Ragnarök: How to Get to Sanctuary Grove

It's time to return to Midgard and find its last collectible!

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Key Takeaway

You need to complete the main story questline and then talk to Ratatoskr at Sindri’s House. Afterward, the friendly squirrel will give you new realm seeds which unlock more Mystic Gateways. One of these will bring you to Sanctuary Grove.

If you’re a completionist, you surely want to get to Sanctuary Grove. To do so in God of War Ragnarök, there are a couple of specific steps that you need to take in order to reach this location.

Table Of Contents

    Complete the Main Story Questline

    Kratos talking to Ratatoskr.

    You won’t be able to get to Sanctuary Grove before you beat the main story questline. Do so and then head to Sindri’s House. When you get there, talk to Ratatoskr to get some new realm seeds. These new realm seeds unlock some more Mystic Gateways across the nine realms.

    Fast Travel to the New Mystic Gateway at Sanctuary Grove

    Sanctuary Grove Mystic Gateway on the map.

    Head to the Mystic Gateway near Ratatoskr and look at the new portal that appears in the south of Midgard. It is conveniently labeled, so there’s no mistaking where you need to go. There’s even a red circle to point out the desired location.

    What’s at Sanctuary Grove?

    Freya picking a flower out of the snow.

    Besides Chaurli, the friendly giant tortoise, there is a rare flower here. Just east of Chaurli, you find the Mirkweed flower, which is needed to complete the Nine Realms in Bloom favor.

    The other flowers are scattered throughout the nine realms. Though, like with the Mirkweed, you need to complete the main questline to access a few more of them. After checking out the last part of Midgard, you should investigate Niflheim. There are some important secrets there.

    Freya talking to Birgir.

    Also, if you head into Freya’s old home underneath Chaurli, you can find a friend. After completing the For Vanaheim! favor and rescuing Birgir, you can speak to the amiable traveler at Freyr’s Camp. Doing so will let him know that he can retire at Freya’s old home, which will also keep Chaurli in good company and help the big reptile stay warm.