Finding all nine flowers in God of War Ragnarok.

God of War Ragnarök: Where to Find All Nine Flowers

Gather the nine unique flowers scattered around Nine Realms to earn a trophy.

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There are nine unique flowers in God of War Ragnarök, each representing a realm. Collecting them is tied with the Nine Realms in Bloom favor. You’ll also be rewarded with The Florist trophy upon finding all nine flowers.

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    Dawnbloom: Aflheim

    The location of the Dawnbloom flower.

    The Dawnblood flower is in the western section of The Forbidden Sands in Alfheim.

    Sparkthorn: Svartalfheim

    The location of the Sparkthorn flower in Svartalfheim.

    You’ll need to have the Draupnir Spear to reach the location of the flower.

    Head to Nidavellir and pass through Raeb’s tavern to get to the southern section of the city. Keep following the main road, then make a right at the end. Turn around and look over to the house on the right. You’ll spot a wind spout on it. Throw a spear at the spout, then approach it and use the spear to swing to the other side. You’ll find the flower on the ground in this area.

    Soulblossom: Helheim

    The location of the Soulblossom in Helheim.

    You’ll find the flower in Helheim in the Hel’s Perch region. From the Mystic Gateway, turn around and make the first left. Zip to the ledge above and keep heading forward. Take the first right to drop to an open area. Head to the left while looking up and you’ll find a ledge you can zip to. However, before zipping to the ledge, look over to its right to find a wind spout.

    Throw a spear at the wind spout, then zip to the ledge on the left. Continue onwards from here to find the flower next to a dead traveler.

    Starblush: Vanaheim

    Starblush flower location in God of War Ragnarok.

    The flower in Vanaheim is found in The Sinkholes. You can only reach the area by boat, so be sure to complete the Return of the River favor before seeking out the flower.

    Travel to the Sinkhole Entrance Mystic Tower. Zip to the upper ledge on the right. Pass through the tunnel, then take a right at the end of it. There’s a chain here you can interact with. Do so to open up the gate next to it.

    Return to the Mystic Gateway, then zip to the island across. Hop onto the boat, then follow the river to the right. There’s a dock at the end of this waterway. Return back to land and go all the way around the island to find the Starblush flower.

    Ashpetal: Muspelheim

    The location of the Ashpetal.

    You’ll need to have obtained both halves of the Muspelheim seed to enter the Crucible area in Muspelheim, which is where this flower is located. It’s on the ground right beside the dwarves’ workshop.

    Frostfinger: Niflheim

    The Frostfinger in Niflheim.

    The Frostfinger flower is found in the Mist Fields in Niflheim. You can only pick up the flower as Kratos, which means you’ll need to return to Mist Fields after completing the main story.

    The flower is on the ground just across the Mystic Gateway.

    Dreamshade: Niflheim

    The Dreamshade flower in Niflheim.

    The Dreamshade flower is found in the Aesir Prison Wreckage in Niflheim. Even though it’s found in this region, the flower represents Asgard since the prison used to be a part of that realm.

    You’ll find the flower inside the southwestern cell on the bottom floor of the prison.

    Mirkweed: Midgard

    The Mirkweed flower in Midgard.

    The flower in Midgard is located in the Sanctuary Grove, otherwise known as Freya’s treehouse. Make your way to where Chaurli is and go to the area to his right. You’ll find the flower on the ground at the end of this path.

    Ironbell: Jotunheim

    The Ironbell in Jotunheim.

    Return to Angrboda’s Treehouse in Jotunheim after completing the main story to obtain the last flower. From the Mystic Gateway, make a hard left and follow the path left of the tree. At the end of this path, you’ll find the flower on the ground.