Kratos and Freya facing Gna in God of War Ragnarok.

God of War Ragnarök: Where to Find Gna

Gna is a tough adversary, worthy of her title as Valkyrie Queen.

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Key Takeaway

You’ll find Gna in the Crucible in Muspelheim. You can find and fight her here after completing the main story.

Gna is arguably the toughest boss you’ll fight in God of War Ragnarök. She’s also an optional encounter. Those who want the misfortune of fighting the newest Valkyrie queen should head to a hidden section in Muspelheim.

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    When Can You Fight Gna?

    You can only fight Gna after you beat the main story. When descending Hoddmimis Holt as Kratos, once you approach the Shield Maidens, they’ll ask Freya if she’s found the traitor Gna yet.

    When you wipe out Asgard Remnants all around the nine realms after the main story, you’ll find scrolls from Gna addressed to the remaining Einherjar. This is how you’ll discover Gna’s current whereabouts.

    Where to Find Gna

    Head to the Crucible in Muspelheim. Open the map and you’ll find a “question mark” icon that’s labeled as “Undiscovered” in the middle of the region. This is where you’ll need to go.

    Gna's location in Muspelheim.

    Head to the central arena in the Crucible and make a right. You’ll find a short passageway you can crawl through. Traverse onward from here and you’ll arrive at an open circular arena with a camp in the middle. You’ll also find a notebook on the ground here. As soon as you interact with the notebook, Gna will appear.

    Gna will start by pacing around. She won’t actually attack you until you attack first. If you do decide to take her on now, make sure you are prepared. Gna is a tough fighter, worthy of her title as Valkyrie Queen.