Kratos wearing Lunda's Armor set in God of War Ragnarok.

God of War Ragnarök: Where to Find Lunda’s Armor Set

Up your defensive stats early on.

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Key Takeaway

You’ll find Lunda’s Armor set all over the River Delta after acquiring the Mysterious Orb favor from Lunda.

Lunda’s Armor set are powerful pieces of equipment in God of War Ragnarök. You can get them relatively early in the game, and their stats and perks make them a worthwhile acquisition. Here’s when and where you can get the set.

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    When Can You Get Lunda’s Armor?

    You can only begin acquiring Lunda’s armor after completing The Reckoning main quest in Vanaheim. Upon returning to Freyr’s Camp, speak to Brok and Lunda and the latter will assign you a favor called The Mysterious Orb. This favor will have you searching for Lunda’s orb, but she’ll also tell you to find the broken pieces of her armor. If returned, she’ll fix up the pieces for you, free of charge.

    Although the favor marker points to the direction of the orb, it doesn’t tell you where the broken armor pieces are. However, they’re all on islands on the River Delta you’ll pass by on your way to the orb.

    Lunda’s Broken Belt

    The location of Lunda's Belt in God of War Ragnarok.

    Lunda’s Belt is on Noatun’s Garden. Head over to the eastern section of the garden and you’ll find a door that’s blocked by a magical seal. Interact with the seal to break it and open the door, revealing a coffin inside. Open the coffin to find Lunda’s Broken Belt.

    Lunda’s Broken Bracers

    The location of Lunda's Bracer.

    Lunda’s Bracers is on the Cliffside Ruins. Head to the southern corner of the ruins to find a wall you can climb on. Make your way up, then follow the path ahead. Under the roofed section, you’ll see a hole in the wall to the left. Be careful as this corner is filled with exploding poison plants. Be sure to get rid of them first before approaching the chest inside.

    This chest contains Lunda’s Broken Bracers

    Lunda’s Broken Cuirass

    The location of Lunda's Broken Cuirass.

    Before you can obtain Lunda’s Cuirass, you’ll first need to open the massive sluice gate in the River Delta, southeast of the Cliffside Ruins. You can do this by heading to the highest area in the Cliffside Ruins.

    From the chest that contains Lunda’s Broken Bracers, turn around and hop over to the pillars to the right. Continue forward until you’re facing the brambles. Burn these with the Blades of Chaos and hexes from the Runic Arrows.

    Once the brambles have been burned, make your way back down and climb up the chains. Continue onward and you’ll find an enchanted lock. Interact with it to summon a runic word next to it. Have your companion read the word and the massive gate ahead will open.

    Make your way back to the boat and row to the riverway where the gate used to be. You can make your way to the Veiled Passage from here. Lunda’s orb is on the first dock in the Veiled Passage. You’ll need to make your way to the second dock to find the coffin that contains the chest piece.

    Now that you have all three, return to the dwarves and can craft Lunda’s set at no additional cost. This set, aside from providing decent stats, comes with a perk that inflicts poison on enemies after parrying depending on your luck. You’ll also deal more damage to these poisoned enemies as a perk of the bracer and the waist armor.