God of War Ragnarök: Where to Find the Lost Pages

The Lost Pages aren't just collectibles. They also function as blueprints for powerful relics.
Lost Pages in God of War Ragnarok.

The Lost Pages are four lore items you’ll find in God of War Ragnarök. These collectibles are necessary for completion and are required to craft certain relics. They’re easy to find, but you’ll have to do a little exploration.

Table Of Contents

    The Barrens – Alfheim

    The location of the Lost Page in The Barrens.

    You’ll find one of the Lost Pages in The Barrens in Alfheim. It’s next to the gazebo, on the ground beside the legendary chest located in the northern section of The Barrens.

    This Lost Page lets you craft the Hilt of Angrvadall Relic.

    The Elven Sanctum – Aflheim

    The Lost Page in the Elven Sanctum.

    You’ll find another Lost Page in The Elven Sanctum in The Forbidden Sands. It’s on the main floor of the sanctum, on the furthest table to the northeast.

    This Lost Page lets you craft the Hilt of Dainsleif.

    The Lost Treasury – Midgard

    The Lost Page in The Lost Treasury.

    To enter the section of the Lost Treasury where the Lost Page is, you’ll need to obtain both halves of the Fjoturlund Vault Key. You’ll find one of the halves in The Oarsmen, and the other in The Derelict Outpost.

    Once you enter the vault in The Lost Treasury, climb up the chain, turn around, and smash through the floor below. The Lost Page is in this hidden section.

    This will let you craft the Hilt of Ridill Relic.

    Wishing Well – Vanaheim

    The location of the Lost Page in the Wishing Well.

    Make your way to the Wishing Well in The Plains in Vanaheim. The Lost Page is in the tunnel that leads back to the Crater Entrance Mystic Gateway.

    This Lost Page allows you to craft the Hilt of Tyrfing.