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Scrapped Hideo Kojima Game Was Reportedly Similar to ‘The Boys’

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Hideo Kojima stated on Twitter last night that he recently shelved a game project due to similarities to Amazon’s original series The Boys. According to him, the game featured special detectives facing off against legendary heroes behind the scenes.

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    Mads For You!

    While only giving us a small anecdote, Kojima’s tweets paint a picture of where he may have taken his next game following Death Stranding. As stated in the first of two posts, Kojima started watching the first few episodes of The Boys when it premiered in 2019 and realized it had a very similar concept to the game he was conceptualizing. Said to be a title he “had been warming up for a long time,” it seems the general idea of this game would see a special detective squad battling with legendary heroes. The real juicy nugget here is that Kojima wanted Mads Mikkelsen to star as the lead.

    Tomorrow Is in Your Hands

    As some have pointed out, this new project could have been a film or television series, which would be a stronger reason for Kojima to back away from the concept. As stated late last year, Kojima Productions is looking to expand beyond the realm of video games when it comes to certain new projects. Rehashing The Boys as a game would definitely be a unique enough take on the idea, but having two TV shows that are essentially identical would draw far too many comparisons for it to be worthwhile.

    Then again, The Boys writer Eric Kripke responded to Kojima saying, “Please come make a #TheBoys game. We can team up and conquer!” It’s unlikely that Mads would star in that, but maybe there is hope yet for Kojima’s scrapped idea.