The Good and Bad endings of Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy: All Endings & How to Get Them

What legacy will you leave behind?

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Key Takeaway

To unlock the “Good” ending, choose the “I intend to keep it contained here.” dialogue choice during the final mission.

To unlock the “Bad” ending, choose the “I intend to open it.” choice. Then, select “This power should not be kept from the world.”

The True ending is unlocked by completing The House Cup post-game quest.

Hogwarts Legacy is a linear-story game. The plot points are scripted and laid out. The things you do and dialogue options you make will only add layer to your character rather than alter the story. However, the game does have three endings: the Good ending, the Bad ending, and the True ending.

Table Of Contents

    The “Good” Ending

    The "Good" ending of Hogwarts Legacy.

    Two of the three endings of Hogwarts Legacy are decided during the game’s final main quest. This is when you make your way down to the Repository before Ranrok does. The moment you reach the Repository, a conversation between you and Professor Fig will play out.

    During this conversation, when Professor Figs asks you what you intend to do with the power contained in the Repository, you will have the option to choose between these two responses:

    • I intend to keep it contained here.
    • I intend to open it.

    To play out the “Good” ending, choose I intend to keep it contained here. This will then be followed by another dialogue choice. Choose whichever option you want here. As long as you choose to keep it contained as the first dialogue choice, your answer in the second is inconsequential. You’re now set for the game’s “Good” ending.

    From here on, finish the quest and defeat the final boss to see the good ending play out.

    The “Bad” Ending

    The "Bad" ending of Hogwarts Legacy.

    As you may have guessed by now, choosing the other dialogue choice will trigger the “Bad” ending. During the aforementioned conversation with Professor Fig, select I intend to open it.

    After choosing this answer, Professor Fig will question your decision, prompting another dialogue choice. You’ll then have to choose between these two dialogue choices:

    • You’re right.
    • This power should not be kept from the world.

    To play out the “Bad” ending, you should choose the second choice. Choosing the first one will instead lock you out of the “Bad” ending.

    With that, continue playing to see what the game considers to be the bad ending.

    The “True” Ending

    The True ending of Hogwarts Legacy.

    The “True” ending of Hogwarts Legacy happens much later. After beating the final main quest, you’ll have two more post-game quests to finish: Weasley’s Watchful Eye and The House Cup.

    To see the “True” ending, you’ll need to clear The House Cup. The only requirement for this is to reach level 34. This can be done by completing side quests, finding Field Guide Pages, completing Challenges, and competing at the Battle Arenas.

    Once you finally make it to level 34, return to the Great Hall to finish the quest and play out the true ending. Whether you chose the Good or Bad ending prior to this doesn’t matter.