A player changing from clothes that don't match into a matching set. There are text captions indicating that the non-matching clothes are a crime against fashion while the matching clothes are fashionable and well-suited for committing crime.

Hogwarts Legacy: How to Change Your Gear’s Appearance

There's no need to walk around as a fashion atrocity. Stylize your gear!

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Key Takeaway

To change your gear’s appearance, go into the Gear menu and hover over the type of gear you want to alter. Here, you’ll see a prompt that gives you the option to change that piece of gear’s appearance. When you press the prompt button, you are taken to a menu where you can select a new look for that piece of gear.

As you progress through Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll find better gear. However, due to the random nature of loot, you’re unlikely to find random good equipment that matches. Thankfully, you can change your gear’s appearance by taking a quick trip to the Gear menu.

Table Of Contents

    Changing Your Gear’s Appearance

    Hovering over the neckwear gear type and seeing a prompt to change appearance.

    First, open the Gear menu and hover the cursor over any of the six main gear types. When you do, this makes a small window appear. Next, hover over a piece of gear and you’ll see a prompt at the bottom of the small pop-up window labeled “Change Appearance.” Press the prompt button or key to be brought to another menu where you can see all of the available gear appearances that you’ve unlocked so far.

    Any piece of gear can be changed to any of the gear appearances you’ve unlocked. This means that regardless of the stats you want, you can always look fabulous! Also, more and more gear appearances get unlocked as you get further into the game. The more you do, the more you get!

    How to Get Alternate Appearances for Your Gear

    Player adjusting the appearance of their gear.

    You unlock gear appearances in a large number of ways. Completing quests, fulfilling challenges, and looting them from chests are the most common ways of getting new gear appearances. With that said, you also get some unique gear appearances if you pre-ordered the deluxe edition of the game. What’s more, the Dart Arts set falls into that latter category.

    Gear appearances are classified into two sections: Collections and Other. Collections contain gear appearances that are usually part of a set. Other has gear appearances that are not part of a set. There are no stat changes or bonuses for equipping all appearances from the same set, so feel free to mix and match as you want!