Zenobia from Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy: Where to Find Zenobia’s Gobstones

Help the young, socially awkward Zenobia by finding her Gobstones for her.

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Key Takeaway

You can find Zenobia’s Gobstones in these locations:

  • On top of the covered walkway in the Transfiguration Courtyard.
  • On a chandelier in the Divination Classroom.
  • On a wooden beam above Central Hall.
  • On top of a pillar in a hallway in the Ravenclaw Tower.
  • On top of a pillar in the Trophy Room.
  • On a shelf next to trophies in the Inner Trophy Room.

Zenobia’s Gobstones are collectibles in Hogwarts Legacy. You can start finding them after meeting Zenobia, who will give you a side quest to collect them. The game points you in the general direction of the Gobstones, but they’re still tricky to spot since they’re all hidden in high places.

Table Of Contents

    Gobstone #1

    The first Zenobia Gobstone.

    Follow the marker on the map. This will lead you to the Transfiguration Courtyard. Once outside, look over to the covered walkway to the east. The first Gobstone is on top of this walkway.

    If you’re unable to see the Gobstone, walk a few steps back from the walkway. It’s right on top of the railing. Use Accio to pull the Gobstone towards you.

    Gobstone #2

    The Gobstone in the Divination Classroom.

    The next Zenobia Gobstone is in the Divination Classroom. Once you’re facing the ladder that leads to the classroom, turn around and look up to see a chandelier. You’ll also see the Gobstone nestled up there.

    Gobstone #3

    The third Gobstone.

    The third Gobstone is close to where the second is. Follow the map marker, which leads you to the wooden rafters above Central Hall. Look over to the wooden beams on the left to find the Gobstone.

    Gobstone #4

    The Gobstone in the Ravenclaw Tower.

    Make your way to the Ravenclaw Tower for the fourth Zenobia Gobstone. It is in the hallway next to where the Ravenclaw Tower Floo Flame is. Look over to the top of one of the pillars to the south to spot the Gobstone.

    Gobstone #5

    The fifth Gobstone in Hogwarts Legacy.

    The next Zenobia Gobstone is in the Trophy Room, which is at the top of the Grand Staircase. It’s on top of an archway pillar right across from the Trophy Room Floo Flame.

    Gobstone #6

    The sixth Gobstone in Hogwarts Legacy.

    Enter the Inner Trophy Room to find the final Gobstone. It’s on top of a shelf to the south side of the room, surrounded by trophies.