The Delicate Flower quest from Hollow Knight.

Hollow Knight: The Delicate Flower Quest

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The quest involving the Delicate Flower in Hollow Knight can be fairly complicated to complete. However, if you know exactly what to do, you can make this quest a whole lot easier for yourself.

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    Acquiring the Delicate Flower

    The Delicate Flower is given to you by the Grey Mourner. You can find her in a hidden section in the southeast area of the Resting Grounds.

    To get to her location, get to the very bottom of the tall cavern outside the Seer’s room. You’ll find a tomb here with a breakable top. Get to the area below by using Descending Dark.

    The Knight performing a Descending Dark in Resting Grounds.

    Make your way to the right and destroy any breakable walls that are hindering your path. Keep going until you see the second path above you. Ascend from here and you’ll see the house of the Grey Mourner.

    Enter inside and interact with her. She’ll then give you the quest.

    The Delicate Flower Quest

    The Knight standing next to the Grey Mourner.

    To complete the Delicate Flower Quest, you will need to take this flower from your current location all the way to the grave of the Traitors’ Child, which is located in the Queen’s Gardens.

    There are a couple of conditions with the Delicate Flower. As the name implies, there are multiple things in the game that will cause the flower to break while you’re transporting it from the Grey Mourner’s house in the Resting Grounds to the Traitors’ Child’s grave in the Queen’s Gardens.

    First, it will break when you receive any damage, whether from enemies or from the environment.

    Second, riding the Last Stag from and to any Stag Stations will cause it to break also. However, riding the Trams will not have the same effect.

    Third, using Dreamgate will also destroy the Delicate Flower.

    Preparing the Delicate Flower Quest

    Considering the conditions and the distance between the Resting Grounds and the Queen’s Gardens, the Delicate Flower Quest starts to sound strenuous. It doesn’t have to be that way, though.

    There are four things you will need to complete this quest easily.

    First things first, make sure you’ve already bought the map for the following levels from Cornifer:

    • Resting Grounds
    • Forgotten Crossroads
    • Fog Canyon
    • Queen’s Gardens

    Second, you will need the Dreamgate ability. This ability allows you to summon a portal you can teleport to from anywhere in Hallownest in exchange for 1 Essence. You can acquire this ability from the Seer after acquiring 900 Essence.

    Yes, using the Dreamgate destroys the Delicate Flower. But you won’t be holding the Delicate Flower while using this ability. You’ll understand in a second.

    Third, the Tram Pass. If you haven’t acquired this item yet, you can find it in the Failed Tramway, a sub-section of Deepnest, inside a dilapidated tram. Refer to the image below for its exact location. You’ll need to ride a tram from the Resting Grounds to the Forgotten Crossroads to complete this quest.

    The location of the Tram Pass marked on the map.

    Finally, you will need Isma’s Tear, the item that allows you to swim in acidic waters. If you haven’t explored Isma’s Grove in Royal Waterways yet, now is the time to do so. You will need to swim through an acid pool to get to the Fog Canyon from the Forgotten Crossroads, and to the Queen’s Gardens from the Fog Canyon.

    Isma's Tear's location marked on the map.

    Once you have all four requirements, it’s time to begin the quest.

    Completing the Delicate Flower Quest

    The image below marks the path you will need to take from the Grey Mourner’s house to the Traitors’ Child’s grave.

    Path from the Grey Mourner to the Traitors' Child.

    Make sure the areas along the path are free of any locked gates. You may already have unlocked these if you’re late in the game, but if not, you’ll need to open everything up to make completing this quest much simpler.

    What you’ll need to do now is to create a Dreamgate outside the Grey Mourner’s house. Do not get Delicate Flower from the Grey Mourner yet. Then, start making your way from here all the way to the end of the marked path.

    The Knight using Dreamgate outside the Grey Mourner's house.

    As you follow along the path, destroy any enemies you come across, from Husks and Flies to Uomas and Mantises. As you go along, do not sit on any bench you come across. Doing so will make the enemies you’ve just killed respawn.

    Do this until you reach the Traitors’ Child’s grave. When you enter the area of the Traitors’ Child’s grave, notice the spikes along the ground, walls, and ceiling. Practice doing well-timed jumps and dashes to make your way across. This will be the final and most nerve-racking obstacle you’ll need to overcome once you carry the Delicate Flower.

    Once done and every enemy along the way defeated, warp back to the Dreamgate. Head inside the Grey Mourner’s house and get the Delicate Flower then.

    Now, you will need to take the path once more. Only this time, the path is now clear of enemies, making your trip much easier. Take note that you will still need to be careful of environmental obstacles and bugs that count as such like falling spikes, Goams, and Charged Lumaflies. The Oomas in the Fog Canyon will also respawn. Although they are passive and will not seek you out, they can still damage you upon impact.

    Lay the flower down to the grave once you reach the end of the path. After this, it should now be safe to use the Dreamgate again to return to the Grey Mourner’s house.

    The Knight laying the Delicate Flower down on the Traitors' Child's grave.

    Interact with her once more and she’ll thank you for your deeds. She will then disappear and leave behind one Mask Shard as a reward for completing the quest.

    The Mask Shard in the Grey Mourner's house.