Picking up a Pangea Figurine in Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores.

Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores – Where to Find Pangea Figurines

Make Aloy's horde of random collectibles bigger by finding these all around Los Angeles.

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Pangea Figurines are collectibles you can find in the Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC. These also give the answers to the Dino Digits quiz in Pangea Park. You can start finding Pangea Figurines by finding Fandom Zone buildings. Find these buildings and it’ll be easier to find the figurines.

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    Queen Rex

    The location of the Fandom Zone that leads to the Queen Rex Pangea Figurine.

    Start at the Fandom Zone west of Fleet’s End, as shown on the image of the map above. Once here, scan the dead Fanghorn outside the building. Then, look over to the shattered wall next to the Fanghorn and you’ll see metal braces you can latch onto with the Pullcaster. Use the Pullcaster to pull the beams and destroy the wall.

    Head inside and examine the Shell-Walker crate. You can then use your focus to track the Shell-Walker. This will lead you to a Widemaw site. Defeat the machines here first. Once the machines have been eliminated, head to the center of the site and you’ll find three crates. You’ll find the Queen Rex Pangea Figurine here.

    Picking up the Queen Rex figurine.


    The location of the Dimorphodon Pangea Figurine.

    Head to a Fandom Zone building on the island north of Fleet’s End. Be wary of the machines here. Destroy them first to make the next steps easier.

    Approach the building and you’ll find that it’s locked. There’s a console left of the door. You’ll need to enter the right key code to open this door.

    You can find the key code carved on the ground at the top of the tower left of the Fandom Zone building. You can get to the top by shooting the lock of the ladder on the side of the tower.

    Shooting the ladder down on the tower beside the Dimorphodon Fandom Zone.

    Once at the top, look over to the ground and you’ll find the keycode: 111464. Return to the building and enter the key code to open the door. Head inside and you’ll find the figurine on the right.

    Picking up the Dimorphodon figurine.

    Red Raptor

    The location of the Fandom Zone that leads to the Red Raptor Pangea Figurine.

    Head to the Fandom Zone found on the eastern part of the map. The building is west of the lava flow in this area.

    Flying over the Fandom Zone building for the Red Raptor figurine.

    Get to the top of this building and destroy the Firegleam with an arrow. This will create a hole in the building. Jump into the hole and dive underwater. You’ll then find a note that says the figurine is in a mansion to the north. With that information, head back up, mount your flying machine, and fly north.

    The location of the mansion that holds the Red Raptor figurine.

    Once you get to the mansion, remove the grate with the flying mount to create a hole in the ceiling. Jump down to enter the mansion and you’ll find the Pangea Figurine inside.

    Flying above the mansion that hides the Red Raptor Pangea Figurine.

    Reggie the Pterodactyl

    The location of the Reggie the Pterodactyl Pangea Figurine.

    This figurine is in the Fandom Zone shop in Pangea Park, just north of the campsite. You can enter this shop by going around to the right and opening the grate on the side of the building. Enter through here and continue until you reach the end of the shaft. Destroy the vent here, drop down, and you’ll find the figurine.

    Green Raptor

    The location of the Fandom Zone that leads to the Green Raptor.

    Make your way to the Fandom Zone building east of Fleet’s End. Enter the building and scan the datapoint on the left. You’ll then learn that the figurine has been stolen and taken to an underground parking garage. With that, exit the building and head east.

    The parking garage is right below a Stalker site. Be careful on your way there. You don’t need to engage with the Stalkers, but once they discover you, you can either continue running onward or deal with them head-on.

    Running towards the building where the Green Raptor is found.

    Once you get to the underground parking garage, keep going until you’re at the bottom floor. Once at the bottom, open the trunk of the car right next to the puddle and you’ll find the figurine.